30,000 Americans will test for yourself the mRNA vaccine against coronavirus

American company Moderna announced the third phase of clinical trials coronavirus vaccines based on RNA. Representatives of the company said in a press releasethat in a randomized blind study will involve 30,000 Americans. This step tests the effectiveness of the vaccine and unaccounted for in the early stages of side effects. If the vaccine shows a good result, it will be possible to register, to market and to go to the final inspections.

The first few are developing coronavirus vaccines have successfully passed the first two stages of clinical trials and was to pass the third stage. At this stage companies usually recruit several thousand volunteers from regions where the risk is high, give them the vaccine or placebo, and then see during the year. After this period, the researchers can draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the vaccine and its safety that in the control and test group are different side effects and the number of dead, severely ill and all infected people.

27 Jul such tests beginning Moderna company that develops RNA-mRNA vaccine-1273. In may the company announced publication of results from the first phase of tests on the 45-dobrovolna and immediately proceeded to the second, which was attended by 600 volunteers, half of whom are elderly. In the third phase until the end of October, the company plans to vaccinate 30,000 volunteers from the United States, among whom will be the elderly. It’s a big enough sample, their competitors from Sinovac and AstraZeneka, who are also embarking on the third phase included the testing at 8870 and 2000 , respectively. However, it is possible that they will increase the number of participants.

Vaccination 100 micrograms mRNA-1273 or placebo will hold twice with an interval of 28 days and then the researchers six times over two years will conduct the analysis on antibodies and will watch cases and track the intensity of their symptoms.

Similar test plans to conduct and the company Pfizer, who recently published the positive results of the first phase of clinical trials. As well as the Moderna, it is developing mRNA-vaccine, while the rest of the race leaders of the vaccine has focused on inactivated and the vector preparations. Pfizer plans to conduct a third phase of testing in the United States and also announces a large number of participants to thirty thousand people aged from 10 to 85. Interestingly, to continue research in the company chose not the original version of the vaccine BNT162b1, and its optimized version BNT162b2-based full-size S-protein.

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