3D printer printed chocolate candy with liquid filling

Singaporean engineers have created a method and materials to print the chocolate mixtures at room temperature. The authors have created a number of materials based on chocolate syrup, chocolate paste and cocoa, and also showed many printed items. The method allows to combine two materials with different properties. For example, engineers have printed chocolate with a relatively hard outer part and with liquid filling. Article published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Typically 3D printing uses plastic which is melted in the print head, falls on the previous layer and solidifies. However, 3D printing is not limited to plastic, and engineers in this field use many other materials, and some of them carries a large industrial potential, for example, metal printing to create complex structures in the aerospace industry, and some are rather entertaining interest, e.g., chocolate.

3D printing chocolate is used by some pastry chefs and engineers for a long time. Usually, the chocolate is heated to a temperature in the range of 30-36 degrees, so that it becomes pliable and it becomes easy to squeeze out through the printhead. However, this requires you to monitor the temperature in the printhead, which complicates the design.

Cariappa Rahul (Rahul Karyappa) and Matina Hashimoto (Michinao Hashimoto) from Singapore University of technology and design I learned to print chocolate designs without heating. Instead, they proposed initially to create the chocolate mixture with the desired viscosity properties, and then to print them using the method of robocasting in which the material is extruded from the fine nozzle.

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