Should I buy dumbbells or kettlebells?

Kettlebell or dumbbell: which weight is right for you?

If you want to train with extra weight, you have many options: the kettlebell, also known as the kettlebell, and the dumbbell are particularly popular for home gymnastics. Are you unsure which equipment is right for you? Here's the ultimate comparison: kettlebell vs. dumbbell!

What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell or Kettlebell is, as the name suggests, a spherical dumbbell. Attached to it is a handle that you can use to grab and lift the weight. Kettlebells are usually made of cast iron. You get models between two and 60 kilograms, with 16 to 40 kilograms being the most common.

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Kettlebell pros and cons

Training with the kettlebell has many advantages:

  • The kettlebell is small and compact: With up to 40 kilograms the size of a handball, you can train anywhere and anytime - on the small balcony, in the park or in the gym.
  • The training with the kettlebell is dynamic and invigorating: The mostly lively exercises promote your endurance and stimulate muscle growth.
  • The focus of the kettlebell is outside of the hand. The weight behaves slightly differently with every movement, so that the muscles are challenged to the maximum.
  • Create the dynamic movement sequences in kettlebell training Centrifugal forcesthat have an additional effect on the body. This can particularly improve intermuscular coordination, i.e. the cooperation between the muscle fibers.
  • Kettlebell training is a Full body workout, whereby in particular the stabilizing core and the lower back are strengthened.
  • The training with the kettlebell is effectively: Exercises do not only address one muscle group in isolation, but always several. In short units, the muscles in the entire body can be exercised and the calorie consumption can also be increased.

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On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages that you should be aware of before trying kettlebell training:

  • Kettlebell training is demanding. The technique has to be right, so that beginners should only be instructed by a coach and not train on their own.
  • If you want to work with different weights, you inevitably need a whole battery of kettlebells.
  • If you are looking for maximum muscle building, you will quickly reach your limits with kettlebell training alone, as the focus here is on strength endurance.
  • Training with the kettlebell requires grip strength. It is often a limiting factor in a kettlebell workout and should be strengthened in advance or in parallel. Tip: Here are a lot of exercises you can do to improve your grip strength.

What is a dumbbell?

A dumbbell Dumbbell or Fitness dumbbell is a short bar that acts as a handle and at the two ends of which there are two equally heavy weights. Dumbbells are usually made of steel or cast iron with or without a plastic or rubber coating for a better grip. The weights start at 0.5 kilograms. Professional dumbbells are available up to 80 kilograms.

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Dumbbell: pros and cons

Dumbbells are rightly a popular training tool. These are the advantages:

  • Dumbbells are practical and diverse: There are different sizes and weight classes and even variable dumbbell sets consisting of a bar and weight plates that can be flexibly exchanged.
  • Little space is needed for training with dumbbells.
  • Dumbbells are a kind of extension of the arm or hand, so that the movements are natural and even for yourself Beginner are easy to learn.
  • Dumbbells are especially good for Isolation exerciseswith which individual muscles or small muscle groups can be specifically addressed and stimulated to grow.
  • Above all, dumbbell training improves that intramuscular coordination, i.e. the interaction of individual muscle fibers within a muscle.
  • With dumbbells you can almost all bodyweight exercises more intense and make the training so varied.

The following disadvantages should be noted if you decide to exercise with dumbbells:

  • The more complex your training, the more dumbbells you need to choose from: That costs money and requires sufficient space in the home gym.
  • Compared to machine training, working with dumbbells is more demanding because you have less control over your weight.
  • Classic dumbbell training relies on isolation exercises that are suitable for building muscle, but less for improving strength endurance.

Conclusion: kettlebell vs. dumbbell

Do you want to train at home and are you looking for the right equipment or would you like to get more out of your training? Then sooner or later the question arises whether you use the kettlebell or dumbbells.

Are you the kettlebell type?

If you have your Strength endurance want to improve, already have experience in training with weights, learn new things or you want to learn more variety want in your exercise routine, the kettlebell is just right. Training with the kettlebell is also ideal for Ball athleteswho want to improve their explosive power. Besides, it comes Runners or Martial artists benefit as it strengthens core stability.

Are you the dumbbell type?

Dumbbell training is ideal for everyone who is their goal at home Muscle building want to pursue and yourself new training stimuli to wish. Especially for Upper body workout Dumbbells are suitable for home gymnastics. The practical thing about working with the weights: You can keep your exercise routine and intensify it with the handle of the dumbbell set without having to change too much. Light weights are also for Beginner optimally that their gymnastics program or HIIT workout want to take them to the next level.

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