What does an idli look like

Why did my Idli look cooked on the outside but was still mushy on the inside?

Tom Raywood

When you say it usually good comes out, it indicates that you have a method and that that method is proven to be reliable proven Has. This goes well with the rest of what you are describing which represents your current situation as a once in a lifetime experience. In short, there is in this Clearly round some factors that were not taken into account (and probably beyond what can be understood, although some might want to guess) that caused your batter to look bad otherwise familiar terms responded. More likely a quality control issue here or there. Instead of continuing to work over the same batch or fear of its repetition, it may be best to rely on what usually happens as this is clearly the best predictor of future events.

Cascabel ♦

It sounds like a very specific error occurred this time around. If you can figure out what caused it, you can avoid it in the future instead of having another stack randomly fail. I'm not sure if "changed something unknown" is really a helpful answer.


I'm sorry to say but your answer looks so general and makes me wonder if you have any idea about Idli or not !!!

Tom Raywood

I am so sorry, Neels, that my answer was diminutive or even overly clinical. I did not mean that. If I come back to it now, I can safely see where it comes across as "Why worry about it?" or something like that. I hope someone can provide you with an answer that suits you, rather than trying to reconsider the question or its merits.