How do I freeze peppers

Freezing Bell Peppers - How To Do It Right

If you have bought too many peppers or if the garden has brought out a particularly large number of pods, then they do not have to rot. Finally, you can also freeze the pods.

In one year the pepper harvest is sparse and in the other year it is all the more productive. The latter is usually so surprising that you often don't even know what to do with all the peppers. Then it's really good to know that bell peppers can also be frozen. Reading tip: Preserving peppers - 4 options presented.

How to properly freeze peppers

  1. Bell peppers are easy to freeze because you don't have to blanch the pods first, as is the case with many other vegetables. It is completely sufficient if you wash, clean and remove the seeds from the peppers. It is also not necessary to peel the peppers.
  2. Then it is advisable to cut the peppers into small pieces. So you can use the pieces for cooking later.
  3. Then just put the chopped pieces in the desired amount in freezer bags and freeze.

➤ Tip:

For example, it is also possible to freeze stuffed peppers. Simply put them in a freezer-safe can and defrost and reheat if necessary.

Using the frozen peppers

Since the cell structure of the peppers is destroyed when the peppers are frozen, the thawed pieces are no longer quite as crunchy. But they are wonderfully suitable for cooking. In addition, you do not have to defrost the frozen pepper pieces before cooking. You can put them straight into the pot. It's practical and saves a lot of time.