Why is Thanos the Evil

Thanos was right: According to the study, superheroes are more violent than villains

Superhero films are mostly about good versus evil - we should be for the heroes. But a new study shows that superheroes commit more acts of violence than their counterparts.

The events that happened in Avengers 3: Infinity War were quite controversial. But not on the side of the heroes, but on the side of the villain, of whom new conceptual images recently appeared. Because although Thanos has the most radical plan of any Marvel villain with wiping out half the population of the universe, there are plenty of fans who approve of his actions. Those fans can cheer now: According to a new study from Pennsylvania State University, the superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Expanded Universe are more violent than those they fight (via The Wrap).

Marvel and DC superheroes kill almost twice as much as villains

Ten Marvel and DC films from 2015 and 2016 were viewed for the study. In the films, all acts of violence were then counted and distributed among heroes and villains. The result is surprising: while the Superhero on whole 23 violent actions per hour are the so-called Bad guys only 18. It becomes even clearer in the case of the killings (all referred to as murders in the study): in all films there are 93 killings on the part of the wicked nearly twice as many among the "good guys" against, namely 168. The acts of violence they most frequently commit are fighting, the use of deadly weapons and the demolition of buildings. Only when it comes to bullying, intimidation and torture are the bad guys ahead.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The statistics get even more extreme when the superheroes are broken down by gender. This is how they commit Men 34 acts of violence per hour, women only 7 and therefore less than the bad guys. It would be positive if the next Captain America actually female should be. But why is it that the heroes who should actually be cheered commit so many acts of violence? If we look at Man of Steel, we can see why: In the film, Superman doesn't care about his surroundings at all and lays down everything that gets in his way during a fight. It doesn't look good on the Marvel side either: The Avengers fight their way through New York without regard to the residents. Both films were not part of the study, however. It is not yet known which films were examined.

Aggressive behavior in children from superhero films

The study sees the trend towards violence as possible real consequences for children and adolescents. They see heroes as "the good guys" and are influenced by their high risk and violence. According to the study, this can be Imitation and potentially too aggressive behavior to lead. The researchers recommend that adults watch superhero films with their children and then discuss them.

Some Marvel and DC villains do not engage in acts of violence

On the other hand, the study is also somewhat falsified by the actions of the films: Especially in 2015 and 2016, there were bad guys like Zemo and Lex Luthor, who for the most part limited to pitting the superheroes against each otheras Screen Rant notes. In addition, the heroes of course have more screen time than their opponents. Offscreen kills that build up the bad guys don't count towards the stats. Nor does the study show how moral the actions of good and bad are. In most cases the heroes act right, often they have no choice but to fight the villains. Probably the most important plot in the Marvel Universe was not included in the study: With Thanos' finger snapping, the villains would of course lead by far.

Has Thanos done nothing wrong and are superheroes the real villains for you?