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Wisconsin Parental Choice Program 101


Education is not "one size fits all". Not every school is suitable for every child. We have long known that private schools can provide a valuable alternative path of education for students looking for a different or better fit for their educational experience. We also know that parental involvement in their child's education goes hand in hand with successful outcomes.

Unfortunately, many parents lack the choice or funding to access the private education that is best for their family.

Fortunately, the state of Wisconsin recognizes that reality. Since 2013, the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) has been helping parents make these choices. The WPCP creates an "education voucher". This gives qualified parents the opportunity to search for the best education for their child and to make that choice in a qualified private school.

All Wisconsin families pay for their children's education through our taxes. The WPCP allows WI families who qualify to access your allocated funds for your child and use that taxpayer money at a school that you think is best suited for your child. We are no longer tied to finances or geography in our educational decisions!


Not every private school can qualify for the WPCP. As you can imagine, immense transparency and accountability is required when schools enter and remain part of this program when government funding for education comes into play.

Sheboygan Christian School has been involved in the WPCP since its inception in 2013. One of the many requirements of this program is that we need to track, share and publish all kinds of student achievement data in the form of our school report.

BUT ARE YOU NOT A RELIGIOUS SCHOOL? What about the separation of church and state?

This is one of our favorite questions! First of all, yes! We take pride in our faith-based upbringing. We fully integrate our Christian faith in everything we do.

In relation to? Separation? Contrary to popular belief, "separation of church and state" is not in the United States Constitution, and when the Founding Fathers used that phrase, they were really referring to a state-run church. So any separation in our nation's DNA is really about keeping the state away from the church, not the other way around.

Even so, the Sheboygan Christian School is not a church school anyway! We are a parent-run, private, independent school.

Through the WPCP, we need to maintain high academic standards - which we do anyway! The state also does not restrict us in any way from fulfilling our biblical mission and including our biblically informed faith in everything we do.

Incidentally, every student who chooses the school electoral program saves the local school district about 301 TP1T on their education tax allocation. In many ways, we can better meet the special needs or desires of individual students at a lower cost to taxpayers. When done right, this stands for WIN / WIN / WIN!


If your family qualifies for WPCP funding, it means private education at Sheboygan Christian School is free for your family for the duration of their academic career. And since SCS 3K is up to grade 12, it means your child can stay with SCS until they graduate from high school!


Getting an answer to this question is quite a complicated process, with many variables.

We took a lot of the guesswork out of the process for you. You can see on our website: Do I qualify for the WPCP? We're not able to give you an official listing on the program on this form, but we can walk you through the process to get a really strong indication of where you would be with the WPCP and what next steps you should take.

What if I qualify for the WPCP?

Great news! Once inside, always inside! Your education at SCS would be financed through this program for the duration of your child's academic career through high school graduation!

Regarding the application to register with SCS, you will want to follow our WPCP application timeline on the right here.

What if i don't qualify for the WPCP?

If you do not qualify for this program due to income, family size, or other factors, and you are still concerned about the financial side of things, Sheboygan Christian School continues to offer needs-based scholarships. Click here to learn more about our FACTS program.

Regarding how to apply for enrollment at SCS, you will want to follow our traditional application schedule on the left here.


Since students with special needs have an even greater need for unique educational choices, there are fewer constraints and more resources for students in this situation. With the Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP), schoolchildren can qualify for special education through SCS. We have been a proud member of this program since 2019.

Please fill in the? Do I qualify for the WPCP ?? Form if this applies to your child as we have unique steps to walk you through this process.


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