Netflix is ​​a good video streaming service

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What are the individual providers?

So that you don't have to pay two or even three subscriptions at the same time, we give you an overview of which streaming provider is the right one for you (as of April 8, 2021). Because the choice depends above all on your personal television preference.

Netflix: Large selection, plenty of in-house productions, expensive subscriptions

Netflix has one very varied selection of series and films to offer. This is also one of the reasons why the streaming service scores best in the Stiftung Wartentest test. Netflix is ​​increasingly relying on in-house productions. The rest of the selection is constantly changing. Old films are being replaced by new ones and what was still to be found in the media library yesterday may have been removed from the offer tomorrow. You can also download a large part of the videos.

Unfortunately, you have to watch Netflix cost a lot to let. Because for 7.99 euros a month you only get out of date SD image resolution. This makes only a relatively small difference on a small device such as a tablet or smartphone. On a large TV, however, viewing pleasure suffers noticeably. HD resolution is available for 12.99 euros and the films are only available in 4K resolution with a premium subscription for 17.99 euros.

Amazon Prime: Large selection with many extras that tempt you to do more

Amazon Prime Video is alongside Netflix one of the two big top dogs among the streaming services. With Prime Video you can stream unlimited films and series in 4K resolution for € 7.99 a month (€ 69 with an annual subscription). Amazon is also increasingly shooting its own series and films for its media library, albeit not as many as Netflix. For the other films, the offer changes regularly. So films can disappear as quickly as they came. You can download the majority of the titles in order to watch them later without an internet connection.

Aside from the movie selection, Amazon Prime is especially something for online shoppers. Because the subscription comes with some additional advantages from the Amazon world: If you order something on Amazon as a Prime customer, you can, for example, use the faster premium shipping free of charge. Amazon Prime also includes a music streaming service (Prime Music). For bookworms, Amazon grants free access to a large selection of e-books and e-magazines.

For Amazon, these additional offers are not just a mere accessory, but together form one large, closed "Amazon entertainment world". Amazon sells its matching e-reader for e-books, the right TV stick for streaming TV, and the paid premium version for the online music media library.

Sky Ticket: Blockbusters, series and live sports in expensive individual packages

Older semesters among us should still know Sky under the name Premiere - in the past, the German version of pay TV attracted its customers with exclusive blockbusters and sports broadcasts. Sky has remained true to the focus to this day: The streaming service tries with it top-class novelties and popular sporting events to score. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between different packages for the Sky streaming offer (Sky Ticket): Depending on what you want to see, the subscription costs between 10 euros and 30 euros per month. For example, you can book a sports ticket, an entertainment ticket (series) or a cinema ticket (films). Sky streams its videos in HD resolution and you can also download the titles with the Sky app.

Sky is particularly aimed at football fans who can use Sky to follow the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga live. But the Formula 1 races and numerous other sports are also broadcast live by Sky. But as with the other film streaming services, the range of films and series in the media library is constantly changing.

In addition: sport, sport and even more sport

Sports fans also have the opportunity to register with Dazn. The streaming service has become full and entirely dedicated to sport. Dazn Sky is particularly competitive in football and has secured most of the broadcast rights for the UEFA Champions League. And also in the Bundesliga, most games from the 2021/22 season will be broadcast on Dazn and no longer on Sky. The subscription costs either 11.99 euros per month or 119.99 euros per year.

Disney Plus: The streaming service for the whole family

It's almost uncanny how many films and series Disney has the rights to today. In addition to the Disney cartoon classics that have been collected, they also include, for example, the Pixar films and Star Wars. With a total of more than 1,000 titles, Disney is launching its Disney Plus streaming service in Germany for 8.99 a month or 89.99 euros a year. The films can be viewed in 4K resolution.

Disney Plus relies primarily on large family offerwhich can also be downloaded. You won't find any films for adults (aged 16+) at Disney. The special feature of this streaming provider is that most of the Disney films permanently in the media library should stay and not disappear from the online video library after a while as usual.

MagentaTV: television and media library in one

Telekom's streaming offer is a mixture of classic TV channels and media library. MagentaTV is now open to everyone: You don't have to be a Telekom customer to use Telekom's streaming service. For 10 euros a month you can watch around 100 TV channels (45 of them in HD quality) over the Internet. In the Magenta media library you can find especially German-language productions.

Telekom also fills its media library with content from public media libraries. International films and series, however, are very few available. For some films, however, you have to go to the online video library pay additionally (via video load). MagentaTV is therefore primarily something for those who would like to continue to watch classic TV and also watch a film on demand.

Joyn Plus: The private channels on the Internet

Joyn is the streaming service for private broadcasters all about Prosieben and Sat.1. Joyn was merged with the Maxdome media library in summer 2020. With a Joyn Plus subscription for 6.99 euros you can watch over 60 TV channels online (in HD quality) and access the Maxdome media library. It mainly includes films and series that also run on the associated channels. The streaming offer also includes numerous classics such as John Wayne Westerns and one extensive selection of films for children.

You can watch the films in HD quality at most. The content can also be downloaded for this purpose.

Apple TV +: The little extra for Apple customers

Apple continues for its streaming service exclusively on in-house productions. As a result, the selection is considerably smaller compared to the other streaming providers. Where you can otherwise browse through thousands of titles on the virtual shelves, Apple TV + started in November 2019 with just nine films and series. In return, the content is of high quality and varied.

Usually the subscription costs 5 euros a month. However, Apple offers a free annual subscription for many Apple devices. Apple TV + is therefore more for those who just bought a new iPhone anyway and want to try out the streaming service. Apple TV + only works on Apple devices (not Android).