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If you are looking for the best refrigerator, you have to consider a lot of different things, because the differences between the models are sometimes very large - and we don't just mean that in the literal sense, but also criteria such as design, energy efficiency, layout or functionality play a role Buy a role in addition to the price range. It is correspondingly time-consuming to find the ideal model. If you don't have the time for extensive research and you prefer to make a quick but good purchase decision, you've come to the right place, because we have already done the research for you. We can therefore unreservedly recommend the RS670N4BC3 side-by-side refrigerator from Hisense, because the model impresses with its enormous capacity combined with a low volume, while at the same time being convenient to use and at a fair price. Alternatively, the RB29HER2CSA from Samsung is highly recommended, because it not only looks chic and offers a good layout and excellent features, but it is also quiet and technically state-of-the-art.



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The range of refrigerators is huge and confusing. Finding out which model is the best refrigerator for your needs without doing research is almost impossible. Therefore, the recommendation is to deal with the different designs, the most important purchase criteria and the general price range before comparing prices. In the test, the most popular free-standing refrigerators, also called floor-standing units, were examined carefully and combined to form the top 5 list of the best refrigerators in 2021. This list of test winners gives you an overview of recommended models in different price ranges and designs.

Types of refrigerators

Refrigerators can be classified according to various criteria. The basic distinction is made between so-called built-in refrigerators and free-standing refrigerators, which are briefly explained below:

Built-in refrigerators:

It is important here that the refrigerator must exactly match the dimensions of your convertible cabinet, because a built-in refrigerator itself does not have a front with a handle, but uses your kitchen front with appropriate hinges so that you can even open the door. In addition to the pure cut-out dimension, it is also important for fridge-freezers that the division is in the right place. Otherwise it may happen that you can only open the refrigerator if you also open the freezer at the same time and vice versa. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to the correct dimensions. There are also - albeit rarely - built-in refrigerators. The height of these is designed so that there is space under the worktop instead of a base cabinet. Usually such devices are 60cm wide. Here, too, you usually need a suitable kitchen front that is mounted in front of the refrigerator front.

Freestanding refrigerators:

With free-standing appliances, the problem with the right kitchen front and the exactly matching cupboard does not arise, but here too you have to make sure that there is enough space available. Therefore, pay particular attention to the height and overall width when the door is open! In particular, due to the thick, projecting doors of floor-standing appliances, the side of the door hinge can never stand very close to the wall, but instead require some space so that the door can be opened completely. The additional thickness of the walls and doors is common with free-standing models, as they are often free-standing. This increases the overall space requirement of free-standing models compared to the built-in model.

Regardless of the distinction between free-standing and built-in or built-in, refrigerators are also classified according to their interior layout. You can choose between pure refrigerators and fridge / freezer combinations that also have a freezer unit with a separate door. This makes sense if you don't want to buy a free-standing additional freezer, but prefer to have both in one device. If you opt for a refrigerator with a small internal freezer compartment, you should also pay attention to the power consumption. In particular, an inexpensive refrigerator with a small freezer compartment inside often only has a simple insulation of this separate freezer compartment, which means that heat is given off into the refrigerator and it therefore requires significantly more energy. If in doubt, you should therefore opt for a high-quality model in this case.

Another special design is the side-by-side refrigerator, which has two doors. Often one side is provided for the freezer compartment. With such a large refrigerator, which often has a capacity of more than 500 liters, do not underestimate the space required! However, with some models you also have the option of keeping a complete beer barrel or your own beer brewing set cool, which is usually not possible in a refrigerator with a classic installation width.


Purchase criteria

The recommendation is very clear to first decide on a basic construction, size and shape. Only then does a price comparison between the various models in question make sense. When making a price comparison, do not forget to include consumption over the coming years. Include power consumption over the next 2 or 3 years. You can also include additional years, but you never know whether you have caught a Monday model that suffers a defect after just a few years. Then, in case of doubt, the calculation example has gone up in smoke over 5 years. You can avoid this by reducing the calculation to 2 or 3 years. The most economical refrigerators currently work with the energy efficiency class A +++. Compared to an old class B or even C device, modern refrigerators require significantly less energy, so that a new purchase is particularly worthwhile if you are still using an old device. Here it is also worthwhile to include the savings compared to the old device in the calculation example.

Another recommended criterion - if a freezer compartment is available - is an automatic defrosting function. This saves you a lot of work and time over the life of the appliance, as you do not have to defrost the freezer compartment manually.

Many modern devices also offer separate zones for vegetables, meat or fish or you can even set individual temperature ranges separately. There are always 0 ° C zones in the refrigerator itself, in which certain foods can be kept fresh for much longer. These zones make sense and are highly recommended. In addition, NoFrost technology is recommended, as this ensures that the interior on the rear wall and compressor cannot ice up, as this increases energy consumption.

Price range and information on usage

Since you likely already own or have owned a refrigerator, you know that regular cleaning is very important. It therefore makes sense to make sure that all places are easily accessible when buying, that the shelves and drawers can be easily removed and that the surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. The easiest way to clean it is with a little warm vinegar water. Contaminated areas that are contaminated with mold should be cleaned with lukewarm water and detergent. Again, this should be done regularly. This is especially true for the rubber seals.

You should also always check that the refrigerator interior is free of ice. Although ice is cooler than the internal temperature of the refrigerator, it does not help to cool the interior, but heats it up indirectly, as significantly more energy is required to move the coolant and the layer of ice also has an insulating effect. The NoFrost technology reliably prevents this ice formation. If it is not there, you should always have a good look at the back wall to see if there is any ice formation.

In terms of price, common refrigerators for the private sector range between 200 and 1,000 euros. Particularly large free-standing models with many additional functions, double doors or perhaps an ice cube dispenser can also be well above the 1,000 euro limit. For a small household, it is usually not worth investing more than 500 euros for a refrigerator, as they do not need a large appliance, and recommended fridge-freezers are also available from around 300 to 500 euros.


5 best refrigerators (test) 2021


Which refrigerator can be described as the best refrigerator can hardly be assessed objectively, the range is too large and extensive and it depends on a lot of factors which model is best for you. In the test, therefore, only a certain part of refrigerators was examined in more detail, namely the floor-standing devices, which are currently very trendy, which are available both as a fridge-freezer and as a side-by-side refrigerator. A free-standing refrigerator differs from a built-in refrigerator in that no furniture front has to be screwed on, as the device itself has a front - usually stainless steel. If you have to buy a floor-standing device, you will receive a clear list of the test winners and therefore highly recommended models from this category in the form of the top 5 list of the best refrigerators in 2021. This can greatly simplify the decision-making process.


1. Hisense RS670N4BC3 side-by-side energy efficiency class A +++


The Hisense model was able to establish itself as the best side-by-side refrigerator. The device impressed in the test with a very large storage space of 339 liters in the refrigerator and 177 liters in the freezer. The workmanship is consistently good and the device is classified in the energy efficiency class A +++.

Overall, the free-standing device measures 91 x 64.3 x 178.6 cm and reaches a maximum volume of 41 dB, so it runs very quietly. The equipment is very good overall, because in addition to an acoustic signal when too much cold is lost and a practical display, the device also has Total No Frost technology, which prevents ice formation. There is also a practical bottle shelf and multi-airflow cooling, which ensures an even temperature in the interior, as well as practical fruit and vegetable compartments. The device in its stainless steel design also looks good.

The operation on the control panel from the outside is very comfortable, so that the temperature can be regulated very well. The recessed grip also enables very convenient opening and closing and a child safety device is also on board. Only the fact that the drawers in the refrigerator compartment can only be removed at an opening angle of over 90 ° leaves room for criticism of the otherwise highly recommended device.


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2. Samsung RB29HER2CSA EF fridge-freezer A ++


The large fridge-freezer combination from Samsung was able to convince the testers across the board, as it offers a very good price-performance ratio in conjunction with a stylish look, good usability and high functionality.

The capacity of the device is 188 liters for the cooling unit and 98 liters for the freezer compartment. The latter is equipped with the "Total No Frost +" technology, so it works self-defrosting. The model also offers a “Smart Fresh +” zone, which can be variably temperature controlled. If you use it as a 0 ° zone, the compartment is ideal for meat and fish, while in a temperature range between 3 and 4 degrees it is ideal for storing fruit and vegetables.

Thanks to the convection cooling, there is constant air circulation, which contributes to an even and good distribution of temperature and humidity and thus makes the cooling process more efficient. In addition, the digital inverter compressor contributes to a better energy efficiency of the A ++ device, which significantly reduces the follow-up costs compared to less economical models. The refrigerator can be operated from the outside by touch and has an LED display that you can use to read the current settings and make changes to the temperature settings.

The removable elements, such as the “Grab 'n Go” bottle holder in the door or the lower glass shelf in the refrigerator, also scored particularly well. This makes loading easier and makes daily handling very easy. The LED lighting is also convincing, which means that Samsung has a very successful product on the market with the 1.78 meter high stand-alone device. With a volume of around 39 dB, it also works quite quietly and, with an average annual energy consumption of 252 KWh, is in the aforementioned efficiency class A ++.


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3. Siemens KG39EAI40 iQ500 fridge-freezer


The two-meter fridge-freezer from Siemens is particularly impressive due to its very low annual consumption of 156 kilowatt hours with a net capacity of 339 liters (247 liters for the cooling unit and 89 liters for the freezer). The volume level is also in a very good range at 38 dB.

The hinges of the door are freely changeable so that you can determine the direction in which they open yourself. Unfortunately, the temperatures for the freezer and cooling unit cannot be controlled externally, as the device does not have a display. However, this was not a problem for most testers, because once the temperatures are set, they are reliably and precisely maintained.

Of the five height-adjustable safety glass shelves, 3 can also be pulled out to create a larger shelf. If they are not pulled out, you can also store tall bottles or other things in the front area.

The LED lighting illuminates the interior well and brightly, and thanks to the good interior layout, the model can be equipped efficiently and easily.


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4. Bomann KG 320 fridge-freezer combination


The model KG 320 from Bomann impressed as a very affordable refrigerator. It is 144 centimeters high, consumes an average of 163 kilowatt hours of energy per year and has a useful capacity of 160 liters (112 liter refrigerator compartment, 48 liter freezer compartment). This corresponds to the energy efficiency class A ++.

With airborne noise emissions of 43 decibels, it is relatively loud compared to the other models, but in return the price is well below the average. In contrast to the expensive models, it only has a plastic panel and is available in both white and silver.

With regard to the interior layout, it has basic equipment with 2 height-adjustable glass shelves, a shelf above the vegetable compartment as well as transparent vegetable bowls, three door shelves and an egg shelf. In addition, there is an automatic defrosting system, which must be started manually, which is significantly more complex compared to the anti-frost technologies of the other devices. Nevertheless, Bomann offers a solid and economical device in the entry-level price range that is absolutely recommendable.


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5. Bosch KGE39AI40 Series 6 SmartCool fridge-freezer


The two-meter-high device from Bosch is priced in the lower mid-range and has a capacity of 336 liters (247 liters refrigerator compartment, 89 liters freezer compartment).

With a volume of 38 decibels, it works pleasantly quietly and only needs 156 kilowatt hours per year, which corresponds to the energy efficiency class A +++. This makes it very economical and therefore pays for itself faster than most other A, A + or A ++ devices, especially due to the low price.

Although Bosch does not offer automatic defrosting for the device, significantly less ice forms compared to simpler models, so that it is less necessary to defrost the device.

The interior is functional and good and the electronic temperature control ensures that the desired temperature is precisely maintained. Unfortunately, only the target temperature is displayed, but not the actual temperature.


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Samsung RS7528THCSLEF


If you have enough space and you are thinking of buying a large refrigerator with double doors - a so-called "side by side" refrigerator, then the 1.79 meter high and 91.2 centimeter wide device from Samsung can do everything without any restrictions recommended.

With a volume of 39 decibels, it works very quietly thanks to the digital inverter compressor and, with an average of 372 kilowatt hours, requires very little electricity per year. This corresponds to energy efficiency class A. Thanks to the very large capacity of 361 liters for the refrigerator and a 209 liter freezer compartment, you have plenty of storage space for the needs of a family with two or more children.

A particularly advantageous feature of a large refrigerator with double doors, in addition to the large storage space, is the fact that it can be divided up very flexibly and the storage compartments can be easily adapted to your needs. Since the device offers two separate cooling circuits, you can reliably prevent flavor transfer and also have the option of ensuring optimum humidity and temperature so that fruit and vegetables can be kept fresh for a long time.

The device is equipped with "No Frost +", which saves effort for cleaning and defrosting. The interior lighting is also very bright and good and thanks to the simple control from the outside via the clear display, you can easily adapt the cooling capacity of the device to your needs.

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