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How to change your Facebook url [in 2020]

Are you wondering how to change your Facebook url?

It's actually a pretty simple matter, but one that many beginners like to take a lot of time. That's why I've put together a quick quick tip for you that shows you how to change your Facebook page URL very quickly.

The URL to your own Facebook page is extremely important for your marketing. If you do everything right, you will communicate this URL to your customers in as many places as possible. Do you want to change your Facebook url? I'll tell you in this quick tip how it works super fast.

Small note:
I have already written an article for you here in which I explain how you can change your Facebook page name.

How can I find my Facebook URL?

Let's start with the simplest step: Finding your Facebook URL, or the URL of the page.

The Facebook Page URL is the last part of the link to your Facebook Page. So everything that comes after

In our case, the complete link to our Facebook page would be The word lykeup at the end of the link is the part of your page url that you can change yourself.

Facebook also calls this the username or vanity URL.

Change your Facebook URL in 4 steps

To keep things simple, I have summarized the entire change process for you in 4 simple steps.

  1. Log in to Facebook with an admin profile.
  2. Click on the menu item "Info" on the Facebook page.
  3. Click on "Edit" next to the user name.
  4. Click on "Save changes".

Would you like a more detailed description? No problem: I'll take you through it in more detail.

Step 1: Log in

Log in with the profile on Facebook with which you are also the administrator of the Facebook page concerned and go to your page. Important: The profile must have full administrator rights for the page.

Step 2: Call up the page information

On your Facebook page you will see a menu on the left in which, among other things, you can select the menu item "info“Find that you click on now. This link contains all the basic information about your company.

Step 3: edit the username

You have already learned above that your Facebook page URL is controlled by the user name of your page. If you want to change your Facebook address, all you have to do is change your username.

To do this, just click next to the @ name To edit.

Step 4: Enter a new username

Now you can enter your new username and send the change. With the change you can also change your Facebook URL directly. This changes directly and automatically.

Facebook will check this change first before it is activated. It usually doesn't take long. Especially if you followed the guidelines that I will briefly explain to you when choosing your name.

A few important rules for choosing your Facebook URL or username

As with everything in life, certain rules apply to usernames and page IDs. Facebook has already presented this on its own page.

For the sake of simplicity, I'll summarize this for you here:

  • The name must not yet be used
    Actually logical, right? Of course, your chosen username must still be available.
  • Only alphanumeric characters are ok
    So you can only use the letters from A to Z or numbers from 0 to 9 for your Facebook URL. Points are an exception. For example, would be ok.
  • The page name must not simulate a domain ending
    If dots are allowed in the name, we could now get the idea that we could also secure Unfortunately this is not allowed. So you have to do without .de, .at, .ch or .com.
  • Your name must be at least 5 characters long
    The name cannot be registered below this limit. Facebook only makes exceptions for the really big companies that leave a lot of advertising budget on the platform.
  • You cannot pretend to be someone else with your username

You have to keep this in mind when changing your Facebook page URL

The Facebook page URL behaves just like any other Internet address:

If you change it, the old address is gone and can no longer be reached.

Especially if you have been running your Facebook page for a while, it is possible that you have already given your Facebook address in one place or another.

For example:

  • on business cards,
  • in your email signature,
  • on printed advertising material (such as flyers and posters)
  • or in different places on your website.

As soon as you change your Facebook page address, all these links will be empty.

If you don't take care of exchanging the address of your Facebook page everywhere in good time, your visitors will no longer be able to find your page.

Incidentally, this does not apply to all links directly on Facebook. In the social network itself, Facebook takes care of all the redirects.

All the posts that you have made for your Facebook page so far are still there and correctly linked.

Pro tip:
search yourself in front the change of your Facebook URL together all the places where the Internet address has to be changed. But don't change them until you have your new Facebook page address. In rare cases, you may not be able to change the address or Facebook will reject the change.

If you have already changed the URL everywhere before, you may incur unnecessary effort and costs.

Reasons why you should change your Facebook page URL in the first place

Actually, I always work according to the “never touch a running system” principle. When something works smoothly, I don't touch it.

With the Facebook page ID, however, there can be a few important reasons that make a change useful:

You want to shorten the Facebook link

With a lot of small businesses and self-employed people, I often see that the Facebook link is simply super long. Sometimes because in the heat of the moment you “entered something” when creating the Facebook page. Sometimes, in order to really have all services in the page name.

The shorter your Facebook Page URL, the easier it is to remember it. And the easier it is to communicate it on banners, in e-mail or on the website. Very easily.

What applies to the domain of your website should always also apply to all other links and domains. So also for the URL of your Facebook page.

If the URL is super long, you should urgently change your Facebook URL.

Your company name has changed

Occurs in the best of families. You have changed your name or your company name has changed for some other reason.

Even then it makes sense to change not only the domain of the website, but also the Facebook URL.