Why do most tuxedos look the same

What is a tuxedo cat?

The term "tuxedo cat" comes from the English-speaking world. There the black and white velvet paws with the special pattern are called "tuxedo cats". "Tuxedo" is the English word for tuxedo.

In fact, tuxedo cats look like they're wearing sleek black evening suits. The back, flanks, head, tail and legs are predominantly black. Sometimes you can find little white sprinkles there. The tip of the tail is also white now and then.

The white shirt and belly give the impression of a white shirt. A "perfectly dressed" tuxedo cat naturally wears white gloves, so it has four white paws.

Tuxedo cats are not a breed in their own right

Tuxedos are not an independent cat breed, but they owe their pretty pattern to chance. Up to now no one has succeeded in breeding cats with tuxedo drawings according to plan. The pattern occurs in both long-haired and short-haired breeds - for example European Shorthair cats (EKH), Persians or Maine Coons.

This special color combination can also occur in other animals, such as dogs or rabbits.

Smart and friendly

The elegant chicks are said to have a friendly character. They are said to be 200 percent more intelligent than other cats.