How do I make Bhindi delicious

Bhindi Masala - Fried okra pods

Bhindi Masala is an Indian recipe made on the basis of okra pods. This vegetable is grown more in tropical areas, which is why you can usually only buy it here in the Asian market. There you get the vegetables mainly in tins or fresh in bags. The fresh version is for that Bhindi Masala definitely to be preferred.

Okra pods taste slightly sour and the inner workings tend to get viscous and slightly sticky during the cooking process. When cooked for a long time, the viscous mass behaves similarly to cornstarch. Unprocessed okra pods are very low in calories and fat. At the same time, they contain vitamins A, C and iron in large quantities.

My version of Bhindi Masala could be called semi-dry curry describe. So maybe not the ideal solution for people who drown everything in sauce. Of course, it is by no means dry, because the tomatoes and the liquid they contain give you a very pleasant consistency. If you like it a little more liquid, you should try a delicious coconut curry.

Ginger and chilli give the dish a pleasant spiciness that is not too intrusive and goes well with summer.

Bhindi Masala usually comes with white rice served. Personally, I like it best with high-quality basmati rice. Unfortunately, the cheap one from the supermarkets is not always good for something. You can often tell from the structure and color of the individual rice grains.

I highly recommend buying a rice cooker to anyone who prepares rice on a regular basis. This means that the rice is always perfect. It works well in the pot, but you need a lot of dexterity so that the rice doesn't get mushy. In addition, something rarely burns you on the ground. Unfortunately, I currently have to do without my rice cooker from Japan because the voltage converter is defective. For this reason I have already been able to gather some experience with the preparation in the pot. Unfortunately, it happens to me at regular intervals that something burns or the rice gets a crust. In the end, it's not that wild, but with a cooker you save a lot of work and can concentrate fully on the rest of the dish.