What are the best resources for procurement

Portfolio technique and portfolio analysisPortfolios for resources and suppliers

One of the reasons that customers buy products is because they have certain features or functions. These, in turn, can only be met by using special components, parts or materials. Sometimes it even depends on special raw materials, as the example of the so-called “rare earths” in the semiconductor industry shows. Many of these product components and product parts have to be procured from external suppliers.

If the product components and parts are expensive, infrequent or difficult to obtain, there can be a great risk for the manufacturer as a user. In order to better evaluate these risks and to adapt to them, portfolios are also developed and analyzed on the procurement side and for suppliers. The main aim is to recognize the dependency on suppliers or on raw materials and scarce materials at an early stage. Measures for strategic procurement and supplier management can also be derived from this. In this way, suitable strategies can be developed to avoid a critical situation.

As always with portfolio technique, this is what it is all about. to put different but comparable objects in relation to each other and to look at the interrelationships. Two success factors or features span the portfolio diagram, and an object to be viewed is located in it. Depending on the position, different strategies and measures are then derived and worked out.