Someone hates cars

16 situations you know when you hate driving

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From: Nadja Rödig

I'd rather take the bus then.

1. You have always heard the importance of having a driver's license.

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2. And of course how great it is to be able to drive yourself.

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3. But in the driving school you quickly realized that this was not going to be your favorite pastime.

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Your driving instructor probably supported this theory.

4. When you got your driver's license, you were happy. You just didn't want to jump right behind the wheel.

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It's great to have the option. Even if I never use them!

5. Your first drive without a parent or a driving instructor was ... let's just say: experience.

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After all, you didn't have an accident.

6. You didn't get really warm after that either. You really only take the car when it is absolutely necessary!

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And even then you're still wondering whether you can't walk the few kilometers.

7. If someone asks you whether you would like to drive, the answer is 90 percent: NO!

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Can't you already guess the answer?

8. Because you drive so seldom, it can happen that you act a bit stupid when the time comes.

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Has someone's engine ever died in moving traffic? Only me? OK.

9. If you have to drive long distances, you need a break after two hours at the latest.

I need at least eight for a five-hour journey.

10. Driving on the autobahn is okay until you have to switch to the left lane between lots of BMWs with 200 items.

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On German autobahns you sometimes feel like you're in Tarantino's "Death Proof"!

11. You'd rather stick to your leisurely 120 km / h.

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Most of the time it doesn't go any faster anyway.

12. On the country road, you're the person who doesn't dare to overtake a tractor.

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You reach your destination slowly and safely.

13. You always park the same way. You are not entirely at ease with anything else.

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Park sideways? No thanks! I'm looking for another parking space.

14. Nothing is more nerve-wracking than being completely parked and spending the next half hour maneuvering.

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15. The only good thing about parking is that it means the end of your journey.

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Now it's enough again for a month.

16. But you know what? As a passenger you have a lot more fun anyway!

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