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Cheap telephone providers - save with a comparison with landline & DSL

Today there is hardly a household that does not have Internet access or has no telephone connection at all. But many consumers often pay more than necessary for both accesses. Especially if it is a very old tariff from Telekom, it is advisable to find out how it is possible to save. In many cases, a telephone provider comparison is worthwhile cheap telephone providers to find.

Many landline providers offer packages that include DSL and telephone connections. In addition, the prices for Internet & telephone have fallen sharply in recent years due to free competition in the industry. Why shouldn't you benefit from it and one for yourself cheap telephone provider Find? Around cheap telephone providers You do not have to invest a lot of time to find one, it is enough to use our DSL computer to get an overview of the currently cheapest telephone providers.

Cheap telephone providers in Germany for every need

Become cheap telephone providers in Germany compared, then it should be noted that not every tariff is equally suitable for everyone. So it is important to one person that he can make a lot of calls and the other wants to have a fast internet connection. This is precisely why our free and non-binding DSL comparison is available. Simply feed it with the necessary data, define your own wishes with regard to the future tariff and with one click the computer delivers the best possible results for cheap telephone providers that meet your own needs.

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Which DSL providers are there?

There are not only different ways to use the Internet, but also a variety of cheap telephone providers. The DSL providers use very different technologies and transmission standards. The Internet can be used in the classic way via DSL or ADSL and transmission rates from 25 Mbit / s are used for faster data connections, e.g. from Deutsche Telekom using the newer VDSL standard.

In addition to the pure Internet providers, there are also Internet telephone providers who not only offer Internet connections, but also landline, fax or VoIP. Some cheap telephone providers also provide television reception. The Internet TV providers provide either IPTV, SAT TV or TV and Internet reception via the cable network. Depending on your own needs, internet, landline and TV are offered in a combined package. In this case, you can save even more money.

The best-known providers include:

  • Vodafone DSL
  • Telekom DSL
  • PrimaCom DSL
  • o2 DSL
  • Cable Germany DSL
  • 1 & 1 DSL

Cheap telephone provider flat rate: Don't just pay attention to the price

Especially when cheap telephone providers If you offer a particularly low price, then you should pay attention to what services the DSL offer includes. It can be, for example, that the data rate is throttled as soon as a certain data volume has been used. In this case, only a very low speed is available for surfing the Internet. Or the price is particularly cheap due to a minimum term. Lots cheap telephone provider flat rates bind their customers to a tariff for 24 months in order to be able to offer particularly favorable offers. In that case, there is no flexibility whatsoever.

There are also numerous cheap telephone providers who offer special discounts in the first few months to attract customers. For this reason, it makes sense to compare and take a close look at the actual price. With the cheap telephone providers, the options for hardware and service are very different and for this reason, when comparing landline providers, you should also pay attention to whether and which hardware is already included or whether it has to be purchased additionally. Under certain circumstances, with particularly cheap landline provider offers, compromises in terms of service and performance must be expected.

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Which tariff is best?

When it comes to choosing a new DSL tariff, then choosing one cheap telephone provider especially personal consumption is decisive.

  • Do you live alone or do you have a family with children?
  • How many people are using the tariff?
  • What is Internet access mainly used for?

So that it is possible to reduce the monthly basic fee, it is advisable to opt for a current DSL offer that is precisely tailored to individual needs. Not everyone needs an ultra-fast fiber optic connection, which can cost up to 50 euros per month. In general, a distinction is made between three types of Internet today:

The average consumer: surf the Internet, stream films in HD quality, check emails, shop online and use social networks - an average DSL tariff of 16 Mbit per second is sufficient here.

The family user: Here a faster flat rate is required with a data volume of up to 50 Mbit / s.

Frequent users: if the Internet is your favorite hobby or you work regularly on the Internet, then the fast VDSL tariff is not enough. The current fiber optic connections with up to 200 Mbit / s are necessary here.

DSL, VDSL or cable? - let's take a closer look at who needs what ?!

Maximum speedTechnologiestarget group
6 Mbit / sDSL- Easy surfing
- Occasional downloads
- VoIP telephony
- online games
16 Mbit / sDSL 16000+- Fast surfing
- online games
- Larger downloads
- VoIP telephony
- multimedia applications
25 Mbit / sDSL, VDSL, cable internet- Unrestricted fast surfing
- multimedia applications
- online games
- VoIP telephony
50 Mbit / sDSL, VDSL, cable internet- High internet affinity
- Unrestricted fast surfing (uploads and downloads)
- Triple Play (telephony, TV & surfing on one line)
100 - 200 Mbit / sVDSL, LTE, cable internet- Very fast surfing
- Extensive uploads and downloads
- Triple Play (telephony, TV & surfing on one line)
200 Mbit / sFTTH (fiber optic), LTE, cable internet- Highest speed
- Extensive downloads
- Triple play (phone calls, TV & surfing) via one line
- Online games
- Several people at the same time

How can I switch to a cheap telephone provider?

The minimum contract period with Deutsche Telekom or Vodafone for all DSL tariffs is 24 months. Who regularly to one cheap telephone provider If you want to change in order to save money, you should observe the notice period of three months. If the contract is not terminated in due time, the existing one is usually automatically extended by 12 or 24 months. The offers from O2 and 1 & 1 are much more flexible, because both offer ultra-fast flat rates that can be concluded without a minimum contract period (→ telephone providers without a minimum contract period). At O2, the notice period is only one month, which means that you always remain flexible and can react quickly, if cheap telephone providers be compared and a cheaper offer (→ Inexpensive telephone provider) is discovered.

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What is a telephone and DSL package?

The internet is becoming more and more important within society. It is therefore not surprising that households with only a telephone connection but no Internet connection are practically increasingly rare. The complete offers from the Internet and telephone providers are "bestsellers". More and more consumers are opting for such a package because it is unbeatable in terms of price-performance ratio.

A telephone and DSL package is a package that combines a telephone connection with Internet access. These offers are particularly popular with consumers because they are very practical and usually also offer cost advantages.

These complete packages are based on so-called unbundled connections. A separate telephone connection is no longer required here, but you can make calls and surf the web via the Internet connection. This type of telephoning is known as "Voice over IP".

The advantages of the complete DSL package are obvious. Especially for everyone who wants fast data transfer. The DSL line of the complete package makes it possible to send and receive large data packets. At the same time, calls can be made at DSL speed. In addition, there is only one invoice that comes to the house at the end of the month and, ultimately, only one termination is necessary if the connection is to be terminated. → Terminate the telephone provider

The complete DSL package with TV connection

Cheap telephone providers offer not only the complete packages with DSL and telephone provider, but also with a TV option. This makes it possible to also receive television via the complete DSL package. Consumers who opt for one of the Deutsche Telekom tariffs, for example Entertain or Magenta at home, receive not only the DSL and telephone connection but also that for the television - from a single service provider. By providing all components in a bundled DSL complete package, the consumer saves costs and the administrative work is also minimized, because here too you only have to take care of a contract.

Important: check availability in the region

Before the tariff at the cheap telephone provider is booked, it is important to check whether the offer is also available in the region. The best way to do this is to check the availability of the relevant provider. Simply enter the postcode and within a few seconds you can find out whether the desired tariff is available. Should the cheap telephone providers do not offer the selected Internet flat rate in the region, then there are definitely inexpensive alternatives with the fast DSL comparison.

Fast fiber optic internet

The high-speed internet via fiber optic is still considered the technology of the future. With this technology, speeds of over 1,000 Mbit / s are quite realistic - but not yet available. The transmission rate is usually up to 300 Mbit / s and since the network has not yet been expanded across Germany, only regional providers currently offer this technology. For example, in the greater Cologne area (→ Telephone provider Cologne) there is such an Internet connection with the provider NetCologne, which can be booked independently of telephone and TV - but the complete package can also be booked. In the Aachen, Düren and Heinsberg area, high-speed Internet is offered by NetAachen and m-Net has established itself as a provider in the Bavaria region.

The alternative to DSL - Internet via satellite

In the more rural regions in particular, the expansion of the grid has not progressed as far as in the big cities. But you don't have to do without fast internet there either, though cheap telephone providers are in short supply at the moment, as the Internet is received via satellite here. Surfing speeds of up to 25 Mbit / s are no problem throughout Germany, and unlimited surfing pleasure is ensured in this case as well. Well-known providers here are Fialiago, StarDSL and skyDSL.

Cheap telephone providers: What happens to the DSL line when you move?

If the move and the end of the DSL contract do not happen to coincide with the same time, then the question arises as to what happens to the current contract if you change location. Ultimately, the availability of the current tariff at the new place of residence decides what happens. If the cheap telephone provider is not able to provide the DSL connection in the new apartment, then the special right of termination applies. This may also apply if the provider can provide the connection, but it is significantly slower than the previous one. If you move abroad, you must submit your deregistration from Germany and your registration in the new country in order to be able to make use of the special right of termination. Another alternative is to take over contracts. In this case, the existing DSL tariff will be taken over by the new tenant.