Melania Trump was a stripper


This content was published on September 18, 2018 - 8:09 pm (Keystone-SDA)

The US porn actress Stormy Daniels gives Donald Trump a miserable testimony in her announced book - not as a president, but as a lover. She was in no way impressed by the alleged adventure with Trump ten years ago.

This was "the least impressive sex" she has ever had, according to preliminary excerpts published on Tuesday in the British newspaper "Guardian". Trump "clearly did not share this opinion at the time," adds the 39-year-old ironically.

In the work with the ambiguous title "Full Disclosure", she also describes in detail the sex organ of today's US President. In this anatomical expertise she refers to a figure from the video game "Mario Kart", which has the shape of a mushroom.

As the actress and stripper with the real name Stephanie Clifford had previously told, she met the real estate mogul and TV star in July 2006 at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, California, and then went to bed with him. It stayed with this unique sexual encounter.

As she tells in her book, Clifford claims to have asked herself again and again in retrospect how she could go to bed with Trump. According to her descriptions, she maintained personal contact with Trump for a while. In the year after their sexual encounter, she answered his many calls in the hope that he would keep his promise and let her take part in his reality show "The Apprentice".

Cheat offer from Trump

Trump even offered to let her cheat during the show so that she could take part in several episodes. "We will find a way so that you can get the assignments in advance," he told her. "And we can design your approach." In the end, however, the porn star did not appear in "The Apprentice".

The US President has denied an adventure with Clifford over employees in the past few months. At the time of the alleged sex encounter with Clifford, he was already married to his third wife, today's First Lady Melania Trump. She had given birth to their son Barron three months earlier.

Clifford's accounts are not only uncomfortable for Trump because of the alleged adultery, but also because of a cash payment made to the porn actress by his attorney at the time, Michael Cohen, shortly before the presidential election in November 2016. For the sum of 130,000 dollars, she undertook not to tell of the alleged escapade.

However, Cohen recently admitted in court that the payment represented a violation of campaign finance laws. Clifford, in turn, fights in court for the formal lifting of the confidentiality agreement, which she claims to have signed under massive pressure. Even before her current book, she broke the agreement in a TV interview in March.

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