Do you like the band Ikimono Gakari

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Oh nooooo!
Yet another meme>:)

I only did this because it was something I could do within the time of like half an hour or so.
Hopefully I'll be able to post "real" pictures soon.

The songs I used:

"Walking with a ghost" -Tegan and Sarah
"What goes around, comes around" -Justin Timberlake
"Fukai Mori" -Do As Infinity
"Hanabi" -Ikimono Gakari
"Breathe no more" evanescence
"Kiss from a rose" seal
"Symphony" silver moon
"Come back" -The doctors
"Hikari" -Utada Hikaru
"El beso del final" -Christina Aguilera

(I obviously have a thing for sad songs>.>)

Fandom I used: Rurouni Kenshin

Do this meme if you have some time on your hands because it's lots of fun
Thank you Lisa ^ /// ^
If you've already done it, post it:>
I would really like to see her

Uiuiuiui, you like Fukai Mori too !!! Yay yay yay. I heard the song for the first time on YT in a "Tico" video and thought it was super nice.
And of course, Hikari is a classic. I think it's really cool that you have as much taste as I do!
Nicci, no crap, that's SO cool! your style here is super nice !! and i love symphony ...
Hehe, thank you Elvan
I think the style is just scary ^^ hohoho
Yeah, symphony is great. In general, Silbermond have many beautiful songs!
no, I think it's great! ^^
I used to be the Silbermond fan, but their first album was still the best. Symphony is super nice, but I can't listen to it that often because I associate it with a stupid time, but still a great song
Silver moon ... huh. Yes, the old songs were great. But I can really have a say: /
The night was the first thing I heard from them and I still think it's amazingly beautiful.
What is your darling?

Oh no ... stupid time ??? Can that be related to a J ...? :>
a former best friend
well symphony is already very far ahead but kartenhaus is my favorite song of yours, I think, heartbreaking; D and through the night of course ^^