Why Avengers Endgame Hulk failed

"Avengers: Endgame": Marvel is far from tired

Superhero fatigue ": This battle term was once used to name the alleged state of fatigue in the face of the bombardment of cinemas by comic films and to attack an emerging blockbuster monoculture. But no trace of fatigue, like the hype surrounding the 22nd entry in the Avengers -Franchise proves. It's called Avengers: Endgame. But that's not the end of fun. Or maybe because Marvel has been since its predecessor Avengers: Infinity War recently cultivated a pronounced miserabilism, before that rather relaxed navel-gazing irony was the order of the day.

This first graduation film of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe impressed with its ostentatious display of torture, suffering and misery. That should give him gravitas, convey to us that a lot is at stake: for example, the lives of half the population of the universe and the heroes that the purple monster Thanos dissolved into pixel ashes with a snap of a finger in the disaster showdown.

End of the heroes

since Iron man Initiated the big bang of the MCU in 2008, the colorful team has brought it to an impressive number. More than twenty cartoon characters gathered in 2018 to prevent their archenemy from collecting all of the Infinity Stones. Unsuccessful: Thanos' mission finally succeeded and he became invincible.

Disney is aiming for a complete inventory of the character repertoire, but for some of the regular crew it will probably be the last assignment. It is questionable whether Chris Evans (Captain America) or Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) will continue to play the (at least leading) heroes. Instead, they make room for new heroes from the comic cosmos, whom one has not yet seen enough of. So Thanos' campaign of annihilation probably means a fresh cell cure for the franchise. And it's not just in this that his and Disney's interests are similar. Because like him, the Maushaus intends to achieve a power that should overshadow all other players. Like Thanos, Disney Studios collects stones: 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilms, Pixar, and Marvel.

Monopolist puts pressure

With its market position, the would-be monopoly can also exert a lot of pressure on the cinemas, blackmail more percentages of the ticket price or an exclusive right to the largest screen. Otherwise there are no Jedis or Avengers. No cinema can afford that, especially since Disney's products are constantly breaking box-office records. Most pre-sale tickets within 24 hours, arguably the most expensive film (possibly a $ 400 million budget), and the most profitable launch weekend ever (over $ 700 million forecast): Where the franchise has been since Infinity War Celebrating miserabilism, proves it Endgame First of all, that the franchise-inherent maximalism can still be increased.

No wonder, because when the heroes prepare for the final confrontation for 20 films and the series has been moving towards a culmination point for more than a decade, great expectations have to be stirred up and fulfilled. And that of many moviegoers.

Almost undiscovered bad guy

As the main villain that Captain Marvel, Hulk, Ant-Man, etc. will meet for the last time, in a mid-credit scene from Iron man grinned at the audience for the first time, very few knew who it was supposed to be, if they had stayed in the hall for so long. Today, however, the ritual of staying seated during the credits has long been standardized consumer practice, and viewers have long been converted into categorical fans. Since 2008 they have received a crash course in nerd knowledge, without which the ensemble films would not really be understandable. The ramifications of the story, figure crossovers and cross-references form an impenetrable thicket for outsiders and are also to be understood as a strategy of consumer loyalty that inspires imitation.

Warner Bros. has it with DC, that is Wonder Woman, Bat-, Superman etc. meanwhile brought to the universe as well, after the success of Venom now Sony wants to get involved. And Universal Studios is with The mummy failed again to assemble its inventory of classic film monsters in the Dark Universe.

Age of TV

In this respect, a marvelization of the cinema can be observed. This in turn is dominated by television. Yes, if you believe the talk of the "Golden Age of Television", the better cinema is supposed to be anyway: Every film is an episode that "teases" the next, including the "Season" finale and cliffhanger, like the end of Infinity War one is.

How things will go on is the subject of fan speculation. Most likely will Endgame Go in the direction of the time travel plot, because Disney still needs the brands that it has crumbled for the future of the franchise. Precisely because the powerhouse can expect the fatigue called "superhero fatigue" to be a shame. It is only a reality for us. Because after more than three hours most of them will be pretty tired despite everything. (David Auer, April 20, 2019)