How should I download AWS training videos

Enterprises run their cloud storage applications for photos, videos, and files on AWS to reduce costs, improve time to market, and easily scale their storage needs. Amazon S3, AWS 'object storage service, stores hundreds of billions of objects and is designed to store and query any amount of data anytime, anywhere on the Internet. Amazon S3 is designed to be 99.999999999% persistence and 99.99% uptime in a given year for your cloud storage needs. Amazon S3 is available at affordable performance-based prices. Companies only pay for the storage space actually used. And getting started with AWS is very quick. In a few minutes you will log in and you can start saving your files.

Flipboard has saved millions of euros and scaled it to support over two billion "flips" per month.

Scaled to store hundreds of millions of images with several additional TBs per month

Has reduced the cost of content delivery by 50%

Has accelerated time to market and reduced administrative burden

Has reduced time to market by 40%