What are the benefits of ccie

Cisco Expert Level Training for CCIE (formerly Cisco 360)

Cisco Expert-Level Training for Routing and Switching offers multiple training products and services that are combined into a bespoke learning program. The components can be tailored to the level, preferred learning method and resources of each participant for maximum flexibility. The components can be purchased in inexpensive packages or individually according to the needs of the course participant.

Fast Lane is one of the first and only global distributors of this new program.


  • Cisco Authorized Learning Content that aligns with CCIE certification requirements.
  • Individual selection of components for different learning styles and budgets
  • Flexible, 24/7 remote access
  • Increased knowledge through frequent monitoring of learning success
  • Learning suggestions tailored to the performance appraisal
  • Is only carried out and supported by authorized Cisco Learning Partners and qualified Certified Cisco Systems Trainers.
  • Online learning management system manages and records progress.

Cisco Expert-Level Training for Routing and Switching provides expert knowledge through a structured combination of online learning tools and materials, resources for hands-on exercises, access to qualified professionals, and regular feedback and progress reviews.

  • Evaluation: Students complete a diagnostic pre-assessment laboratory to test their knowledge of various network topics.
  • Planning: Based on the pre-assessment, the students create a learning plan that uses a mixture of learning components to optimize their training.
  • Training: Participants learn by attending lessons and lectures, reading material, and working with peers and trainers.
  • Exercise: The participants use the practical exercises to apply what they have learned on real network devices.
  • Mastery: Students measure their understanding by taking knowledge and skill tests for various approaches to solving network problems.
  • Verification: Students review their work with a mentor or trainer and optimize their skills with tips and best practices.

Cisco CCIE Wireless

Cisco CCIE Authorized Wireless 12 Month Program