Which flavors go best with matcha

Matcha: Cooking and baking with green tea powder

Matcha doesn't just add color to dishes. Its delicate aroma of tea refines desserts and hearty dishes, and it is also healthy. What hobby cooks should consider when using them.

Matcha tea conjures up color on the plate - without chemicals. Better still: the green stuff has its own very fine taste. Matcha tea is not only known from the ice cream after sushi or as tea.

Matcha can be used in many ways

Whether in risotto, cake or bread: "Matcha tea is very versatile," says nutritionist Aléna Ènn. Because it tastes mild and is easy to prepare, you can experiment with the ground green tea as you please.

Green tea powder is becoming increasingly popular as an ingredient

Originally, the medicinal plant of Japanese monks was reserved for elites for their tea ceremonies, explains Ènn. Today, matcha tea is also in demand in Germany, explains Anne Lehmbrock from the German Tea Association. There are now whole cookbooks about the ingredient Matcha.

Matcha can do more than just tea

For a classic matcha tea, pour the powder with hot water at 80 degrees and stir it until foamy. But this preparation is only a fraction of what matcha is now used for. Matcha cookies with ginger and white chocolate, green apple muffins with marzipan, matcha rice pudding with mango sauce - Matcha recipes fill many (often new) cookbooks.

White chocolate and nuts go well with matcha

Matcha tastes sweet and mild, but also slightly bitter, with hints of wood and has a slight scent of iodine, according to Lena Knudsen's cookbook “Matcha the green pleasure”. It goes well with white chocolate, nuts, marzipan or pistachios. Pears, mangoes and grapes also support the aroma.

Do not combine matcha with strong flavors

Matcha cooks should ensure that the fine tea taste does not compete with aromas that are too strong, says Ènn. She advises against combining it with bitter substances such as coffee or very fruity aromas. On the other hand, mild, vanilla or sweet flavors go well.

Stir matcha powder into doughs and creams

The handling sounds simple: "You can stir the powder directly into liquid or creamy dishes such as sauces, dough and creams," says Ènn. For example, she recommends brown-green matcha marble cake. To do this, dissolve two tablespoons of matcha powder in 50 milliliters of warm milk and use it to color the light mixture.

Green becomes even more intense in the heat

Heat makes the green color darker, explains Claire Chapouto from Grenoble, who has published a matcha cookbook under the name Clea. She advises only cooking the tea as briefly as possible so as not to destroy its healthy ingredients. Because tea has a beneficial effect on body, mind and soul, says Lehmbrock. This applies in particular to green tea and thus also to matcha. Among other things, it is good for improving the skin or if you are overweight.

Refine hearty dishes with matcha

Incidentally, the fashion ingredient doesn't just go well with sweets. Hearty dishes can also be refined with matcha. "It goes well with poultry and of course with fish and seafood," says Clea. Risotto, curry and vegetable rösti can also be spiced up with green tea, adds Ènn. 1 teaspoon of matcha in 200 milliliters of coconut milk would make a sauce for rice, cabbage or broccoli.

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Use match powder as decoration

In the hearty kitchen, too, it is important to ensure that the other ingredients do not have any too strong flavors of their own. Onions, garlic or tart vegetables mask the taste of the tea. Aléna Ènn reveals another decoration tip: "Instead of stirring in the powder, simply dust the dishes with the green powder - a great effect!"

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| Updated: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 2:17 pm

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