Are there laws against the carrying of toy guns?

Apparent weapons - carrying is prohibited

Decorative weapons and dummy weapons - what is publicly allowed?

Many can find themselves under the term "apparent weapons" hardly imagine anything. Above all, it is often unclear what counts as an apparent weapon and what props or toys not as such get ranked.

The legislature has Provisions createdwho clarify when and how an objectthat looks like a gun in the Public led may be. Requirements for using the so-called Apparent weapons in public are set out in various parts of the Weapons Act.

What at Carrying pretend weapons it should be noted what the legal requirements look like in this regard and with which ones Consequences of violations is to be expected, the following article takes a closer look.

FAQ: Apparent weapons

What is meant by “apparent weapons”?

Appendix 1 to the Weapons Act states that objects that appear to be firearms or are replicas of firearms are deemed to be fake weapons.

Can pretend weapons be wielded in public?

No. Apparent weapons are subject to the regulations for the safe transport of weapons and may be carried in public, ready for use. A firearms license is not issued for fake weapons.

What are the consequences of wielding fake weapons?

As a rule, disregarding the no-show is an administrative offense that can be punished with a fine of up to 10,000 euros.

What are pretend weapons?

The Term "apparent weapon" is common not in everyday use to find. Most of the time we talk about Dummy weapon or toy gun. In gun law, however, appearances are weapons precisely defined.

Objects that look like a real weapon, are summarized under this term. In the weapon law itself is in the Appendix 1 to Section 1 Paragraph 4 under 1.6 explains what this definition entails.

Therefore are apparent weapons:

1.6.1 Firearms whose overall appearance gives the appearance of firearms (Appendix 1, Section 1, Subsection 1, No. 2.1) [...]
1.6.2 Replicas of firearms with the appearance of firearms [...]
1.6.3 Deactivated firearms with the appearance of firearms [...]

At the same time, the system also determines that objectsthat are obvious and by appearance to play or recognizable for traditional events are not considered to be weapons of appearance.

So do objects look like like firearms and can use real firearms be confused, they apply according to the law as apparent weapons.

However, they are clearly as a toy, prop or as cultural-historical object to recognize, they do not fall under these regulations.

Paragraph 42a of the Weapons Act (WaffG)

Mainly around the Prevent misuse of bogus weapons and also to avoid confusion is leading these items prohibited in public.

In this case, with leading is carrying along, that open carrying and handling meant in public.

As legal basis applies to this rule Section 42a No. 1 in the Weapons Act. Just like weapons that require a license, which require a large gun license to carry, they have to be fake weapons in one transported in a closed container be so they not accessible are.

Mock weapons capable of Delivering bullets, must not be gun wide. These include, among others, the so-called "airsoft weapons". The use of airsoft weapons is accordingly only within pacified properties allowed.

However, the paragraph also describes Exceptionsthat permits such objects and firearms to be carried in public. So may Apparent weapons for film and photo shoots, at Theatrical performances just like Traditional events be used.

Consequences for wielding fake weapons

To a apparent threat to prevent people, authorities take the described Requirements of the Weapons Act usually very serious.

A Violation of the prohibitionWielding fake weapons in public is one Administrative offense and will be punished according to the specifications of the catalog of fines.

Usually, in addition to the fine, which up to 10,000 euros can be, including the relevant Apparent gun confiscated by the police.

For pretend weapons can notGun license can be purchased there driving is generally prohibited and is therefore prohibited for private individuals. For the above-mentioned exceptions, such as filming or pageants, an regulatory approval.

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Apparent weapons - wielding is prohibited
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