Who was the worst kage in Naruto


AmegakureLand of rainVillage under the rainPainAmegakure ninja also used water-based jutsus. They are also the only ones to use umbrellas as weapons. The leader is probably Pain because everyone sees him as that and calls him “Pain-sama”. Apparently Pain controls the weather in Amegakure, because two men tell that Pain actually stops the constant rain on Sundays and gives the residents nice weather.Getsugakure[No picture available]Land of the moonVillage under the moonMichiruThis village is mentioned in Chapter 43 and featured in the third Naruto film.Hoshigakure[No picture available]Land of bearsVillage under the starsHoshikageHoshigakure plays in the filler episodes. 200 years ago a meteorite fell into the country, destroyed all life around it, and left a huge crater. The first Hoshikage developed a training program through which the population can survive. Of course, this also has an effect on the mentality of the warriors. The third Hoshikage stopped training because of the side effects. When he died, however, his “placeholder” reintroduced it to make the village stronger. Although Hoshigakure is not one of the five big villages, they call their leader Kage. Because they believe that the power of the Meteroite helps them to rise to the great nations.Kemurigakure[No picture available]-Village behind the smoke-It is not known where the village is located. It is rumored, however, that it is in the land of fire, as smoke is a natural product of fire. It is mentioned for the first time in episode 101 (“What is hidden behind Kakashi's mask?”). In this episode the Moya brothers try to take revenge on Kakashi. However, since they were hardly able to use jutsus, it is assumed that they were not real ninjas at all, but only built their own village.KusagakureLand of grassVillage under the grass-The ninjas specialize in floristic jutsus. In the Chuunin selection exams, Orochimaru used the bodies of three ninjas from Kusagakure. Zetsu from the Akatsuki comes from Kusa.OtogakureLand of SoundsVillage hidden in the soundOrochimaruOtogakure was founded by Orochimaru. Ninjas from this village mainly used sound waves in combat. When the Land of Sounds was taken over by Orochimaru, he renamed it. Before that it was the land of rice fields (Rice Field Country, Ta no Kuni).TakigakureLand of the waterfallVillage behind the waterfallShibukiThis village was first seen in the second OVA. Ninjas from this village also used water jutsu. In addition, the leader has the hero water, which gives you a chakra boost when you take it. A couple of Taki ninjas took the Chuunin selection exams in Konoha, but didn't make it beyond the 2nd level of the exams. In addition, Kakuzu comes from the Akatsuki from Taki.Takumi[No picture available]-Village of the artisans-Takumi was founded over a hundred years ago by a man named Seimei. Takumi is known for its gunsmithing. When Takumi got tough, they sought help from the other villages, but they were ignored. Four experienced craftsmen who were trained in the ninja arts tried to revive their village founder Seimei. They wanted to use it to get revenge on the other five big Shinobi villages.Tonbogakure[No picture available]Land of MountainsVillage among the dragonflies-Tonbogakure is also a village of filler episodes. 30 years ago Tonbogakure was at war with Konoha. After a surprise attack by Konoha, the village was almost completely wiped out. Only Gennou survived, since he was in Konoha at the time.Yukigakure[No picture available]Land of snowVillage under the snowDaimyou KazahanaYukigakure appears in the first Naruto movie. The ninjas here have chakra armor that reinforce the wearer's chakra. Their jutsus are mostly based on ice. At the end of the film, the snow melts and the country is renamed “Land of Spring”. It is unknown what happened to the village afterwards.