How is the fee structure at SVCE

Our work in a nutshell?

Waste bins
The annual fee for 2021 is for waste containersCollection type40 l80 l120 l240 l1,100 l5,000 lFortnightly Emptying69,00 €138,00 €207,00 €414,00 €1.897,50 €8.625,00 €with self-composting59,34 €118,68 €178,02 €365,04 €1.631,85 €7.417,50 €weekly remuneration138,00 €276,00 €414,00 €828,00 €3.795,00 €17.250,00 €with self-composting118,68 €237,36 €356,04 €730,08 €3.263,70 €14.835,00 €
Full service
At the request of the property owner, residual waste, biowaste and waste paper containers with a volume of 40 l, 80 l, 120 l and 240 l up to a distance of 15 meters (one way) through the city can be picked up from the location of the container and returned there after emptying .
The annual fee for the transport of a waste container isFull service (fortnightly)64,60 €64,60 €64,60 €64,60 €--Full service (wö)129,20 €129,20 €129,20 €129,20 €--Full service paper 4 weeks -32,30 €32,30 €- -
Special emptying
The fee for emptying a temporarily installed container and for a special emptying of an existing container is for a one-off collectionSpecial emptying2,65 €5,31 €7,96 €15,92 €72,98 €331,73 €An additional fee will be charged for the delivery and collection of the temporarily installed containers.Delivery / collection. from 1 to 4 containers except 5,000 l31,6431,64 €31,64 €31,64 €46,56 €69,84 €
Urban garbage bag
The collection fee for one Garbage bag (70 l) is € 3.00  
Surcharge for organic waste bin
The biowaste bin is free of charge up to the same size as the residual waste bin. If the size of the biowaste container exceeds that of the residual waste container, a fee of € 0.25 per liter raised; consequently at 20 liters40 liters60 liters80 liters120 liters160 liters 5,00 €10,00 €15,00 €20,00 €30,00 €40,00 €

The Exchange of waste containers is only free of charge once a year. A fee of € 20.60 will be charged for each additional exchange.

Express delivery
For the collection of bulky goods and electrical appliances, an appointment outside of the usual waiting times - a so-called "quick appointment" - can be requested, in which the collection takes place within one week of the application. For this, the following additional fees are charged to the applicant:Rapid removal of bulky goods20,00 €   Rapid removal of electrical appliances15,00 €