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The Sons of Liberty (English: "Sons of Freedom") were a group of young and enthusiastic patriots in North America before the American Revolution. Its aim was to prevent the execution of the provisions of the stamp law passed in 1765 under the British Prime Minister George Grenville in the North American colonies by all means, including violence. The designation Sons of freedom goes back to the then English MP Isaac Barré, who called the colonists that.

Influential leaders of the coming American Revolution were not members of the organization themselves, but they supported its goals. Famous members included Paul Revere, John Adams and his cousin Samuel Adams.

The Sons of freedom publicly protested the enforcement of the Stamp Act in Boston. They also called on the other colonies to also refuse to comply with the stamp law. The later second President of the United States, John Adams, supported the group both politically and legally.

The group formed the first effective counter-movement against motherland Great Britain. She continued her resistance even after the stamp law was repealed in 1766. The climax of the dispute between the 13 colonies and their motherland Great Britain was the Boston Tea Party, which was initiated by some members of the St. Andrews Lodge, a Masonic Lodge, who were also members of the Sons of Liberty. Another event was the Gaspée affair, in which the Sons of Liberty set a British ship on fire.


The "sons of freedom" are also the focus of the novel Johnny Tremain. A novel for young and old (Johnny Tremain. A Novel for Old and Young, 1944) by Esther Forbes. Tom Blackburn and George Bruns also wrote the song for the 1957 film adaptation of Walt Disney by Robert Stevenson The Sons of Liberty.

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