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Real estate agent activities

The designation estate agents already indicates that it is a mediating activity. As a real estate agent, you mediate between buyers and sellers in the housing and real estate market. How your work looks in detail depends a little on your personal focus. Some real estate agents specialize in luxury properties (such as expensive villas by and for celebrities), while others specialize in holiday properties, commercial properties or rental and condominiums. In general, your tasks will include:

  • Brokerage of apartments, houses, commercial real estate
  • Advice and support for interested parties, customers, tenants
  • Contacting authorities
  • Obtaining and evaluating information
  • Property visits and documentation
  • Sales talks and preparation of sales contracts
  • Creation of exposés
  • Viewing appointments with tenants
  • Rental of apartments and other real estate
  • Rent calculation and drafting of rental contracts

These activities are a mixture of back office and field service, i.e. office activities and a number of appointments that you have to keep on site. Your success as a real estate agent depends largely on your negotiating skills and your specialist knowledge.

They not only have broad knowledge about real estate, but are familiar with the legal aspects of rental, purchase and construction law. As an independent real estate agent, you must primarily take care of the acquisition of customers as well as the objects to be brokered. When the housing market is tight, that means you should have a good network.

Real estate agent vacancies

Real estate agent training

There are no statutory minimum requirements for training to be a real estate agent. This is why this profession is suitable, for example, for career changers. However, this does not mean that every real estate agent can become a real estate agent: In order to work in this profession, you need a broker's license in accordance with Section 34c of the trade regulations. This shows that you have not been punished for offenses such as theft, extortion or money laundering in the past five years.

Most real estate agents qualify through commercial training or further education, for example as:

  • Real estate assistant
  • Real estate specialist
  • Business economist (technical college) real estate
  • Real estate agent

Access through a degree is also possible, for example in:

  • Construction management, construction management
  • Business administration
  • Real estate industry

Real estate agent salary

A real estate agent's salary depends on several things. On the one hand, factors such as region and work experience often play a role. In this activity, your salary is particularly dependent on success - this applies to both permanent and self-employed.

For example, if you are employed by a housing association or a municipal housing association, you may have a collective agreement. Collective remuneration is around 3,305 to 3,730 euros gross per month. If, on the other hand, you are employed by a large brokerage office, the employment contract stipulates the precise modalities of your salary. Most of the time, your earnings will consist of a base salary and commissions, which you will receive upon successful completion. Up to 6,650 euros gross can be in there a month.

However, this is especially true for experienced real estate agents - As a starting salary, you will be content with a basic salary of around 1,000 euros and then have to top up with commissions accordingly. As a beginner, you will be around 2,000 to 2,500 euros gross per month.

Until a few years ago, searching tenants had to pay a real estate agent a brokerage fee if they successfully brokered an apartment. In the meantime, these fees are completely covered by the landlord or the owner. A statutory maximum of two net rents plus VAT as a commission is permitted here. When a property is sold, the buyer and seller usually share the brokerage fees. These are 3.57 percent of the purchase price, but can be regulated differently depending on the federal state.

Employer: who is looking for real estate agents?

As in almost every job, you have the choice between self-employment or permanent employment. Employed real estate agents can be found here:

  • Agencies
  • Brokerage offices
  • Banks, building societies and savings banks
  • Cooperatives
  • Housing associations

Real estate agent jobs: career opportunities + prospects

As an employee, you have the opportunity to gain further qualifications, for example to become a team leader. As such, you will take on management tasks in addition to the activities mentioned above. Furthermore, commercial training courses such as real estate specialist or business economist (FH) for real estate are recommended. With a completed degree, you also benefit from advancement to a manager. This also gives them the option of pursuing a career as a lecturer.

An ascent can also be Leave the employment relationship behind and set up a real estate agency or management agency. In order to be able to become self-employed as a real estate agent, you need the mentioned official permit according to Paragraph 34c. Anyone who would also like to adorn themselves with the seal of the Association of German Brokers (VDM) must provide proof of specialist knowledge from within the association.

The housing market in Germany has been tense for years - at least in coveted large cities and metropolitan areas. Affordable apartments are in short supply, vacancies are rare, landlords can virtually choose their tenants. It goes so far that in some places tenants write applications to look for an apartment - an absurd situation.

So good times for real estate agents? It depends on. Sometimes the industry resembles a shark tank. Because getting to attractive objects in order to sell them profitably leads to corresponding competitive pressure. In addition, your personal stress level also depends on the clientele you look after: Should you find commercial properties for solvent business people? Or do you have to deal with insolvent tenants in social housing? Here, not only assertiveness, but also a good dose of courage is required, because physical arguments or threats of violence by frustrated tenants do occur.

Applying as a real estate agent: tips + templates

You should have the following skills and, if possible, incorporate them into your application:

Since these are soft skills, they are difficult to measure and are so rarely found in certificates. Therefore, you should use examples to illustrate your social skills. It can look like this:

Thanks to my in-depth knowledge of property price developments for the greater Berlin area, I was able to get 20 percent profit for my customers by setting the sales date differently.


I was always able to implement the high quality standards of my customers to the satisfaction of both parties. The long-term business relationships are evidence of this.

Free templates with sample text

Benefit from our free templates to the application letter. You can download these individually as a Word file by clicking on "Cover letter", "Cover sheet" or "CV" - or as a complete application set by clicking on the preview image. You will then receive all three Word templates combined in one zip file.

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Application templates: 120+ free samples
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