Does Franklin Richards have the X gene

What is the mutagen responsible for mutation in the Marvel Universe?

The X gene, Homo Superior's genetic propensity to develop mutated abilities, has no mutagen (a catalyst for mutated abilities caused by mutation). The homo-superior mutation propensity is part of the DNA sequence of the 23 chromosomes of all humanity that live on Marvel Earth-616 and is activated by PUBERTY.

  • This means that the Celestials, the source of genetic manipulation on Marvel Earth-616, encoded the ability to have mutated abilities in the general genome of every human being on Earth. However, these genetic transformations are random and are not activated with every human reproduction interaction.

  • Mutants in the Marvel Universe exposed to unforeseen circumstances need nothing more than to reach puberty before their powers begin to activate and increase. Depending on the mutation, some achieve fantastic levels of performance with minimal training. Others will need assistance before their powers improve significantly.

  • A number of mutants become one Secondary mutation subjected to a drastic level of mutation under stress that increases the mutant's already considerable ability. See: Iceman or The White Queen.

Mutagen: In genetics, a mutagen is a physical or chemical agent that changes the genetic material, usually the DNA, of an organism and thus increases the frequency of mutations above the natural background level. Since many mutations cause cancer, mutagens are also likely to be carcinogenic.

  • Before the M-Day It has been estimated that 1 in 25,000 people are prone to some degree of mutant ability and can be considered a member of Homo Superior. After the M-day and the probability-altering magic of the Scarlet Witch this number has decreased considerably, so that in Marvel Earth-616, where there were once so many, there can be only a few thousand mutants altogether 30 million.

According to Joe Quesada, editor-in-chief of Marvel, the "Decimation" (M-Day) event was intended to reduce the number of mutant characters in the Marvel universe that he believed were out of control after forty years of publication. (Reported in Newsrama Q&A with Joe Quesada)

The Heavenly Ones experimented with DNA on Earth:

  • They developed three humanoid species, one with fantastic variability. The variable species would ultimately lead to the existence of the Deviating lead (and to a lesser extent the Monsters , a similar experiment conducted by the Kree to unleash their own genetic potential). The deviants had incredible abilities, but these were tied to a complete inconsistency of form. No two deviants ever looked alike or made true in terms of superhuman abilities.

  • The second, with powerful and stable superhuman abilities called the Eternals, who, while maintaining the human form, developed a stable and extraordinary set of physical and mental faculties. However, the heavenly ones would consider the Eternals a failure due to the development of a unified and limited force established throughout the species. During the Unimind was the most amazing psychological achievement of the Eternals, it would pale in comparison to the mutant potential embedded in Homo Sapiens.

  • The third would offer fantastic range and abilities, but couldn't determine which mutated abilities would be the result of interactions between its members. Homo sapiens could possibly be the subspecies Produce Homo Superior ; a race of beings whose potential powers exceeded anything the deviants or eternal could produce.

  • Homo sapiens were also capable of spontaneous mutation due to environmental conditions. These mutates included: The Hulk (the result of exposure to gamma radiation), Spider-Man (the bite of a radioactive spider), The Fantastic Four (exposure to cosmic rays), and Daredevil (exposure to a radioactive isotope).

  • While there was no mutagen or catalyst for X-Gen abilities, mutated people whose genetic abilities are activated by external sources, radiation, toxins or other environmental conditions could, an aspect of the heavenly process that enabled environmental conditions to produce possible mutates, whose abilities could spontaneously cause the development of other mutants.

Contenders for the throne of the most powerful mutants on earth include members of the Summers clan, Jean Gray (whose interaction with the galactic life force called Phoenix gave her fantastic abilities, Nate Gray (from an alternate reality, his powers enabled him to have enormous psionic abilities). and Gabriel Summers [Vulcan], whose energy manipulation skills made him one of the most powerful mutants ever known.

  • Franklin Richard's abilities gave him the ability to change reality, making his desired outcome of harnessing his enormous psionic and reality-changing potential real. It is believed that this is the power that Heavenly One has been looking for in His experiments.

  • Franklin Richard's power was so great that he eventually became the star god Galactus revived and Galactus too makes his herald against the threat of the Heavenly (Fantastic Four # 603).

There are many other mutants and scientists who have studied mutant evolution, and some may have conducted morally questionable experiments on mutants over the centuries and in parallel realities. Such experiments, while they may have produced fantastic results, are irrelevant when compared to the manipulations the Celestials have performed for tens of thousands of years of direct genetic manipulation. These lights include:

En Sabah Nur: Also known as the Apocalypse, which has conducted various experiments to develop and improve mutant skills for over a thousand years.

Nathaniel Essex: Known as Mr. Sinister, he was a powerful mutant who improved his own mutant skills after experimenting on mutants for over two hundred years while perfecting his technology to detect the "Essex Factor" in humankind.

Hank McCoy: He is also known as the Beast and one of the modern day Marvel Earth-616 leading authorities on Mutated Abilities, the Mutated Genome, and the Legacy Virus, a mutant-specific infection.

Charles Xavier: Until his recent death, Xavier was the leading authority on mutated forces, psychology, education, and origins on Marvel Earth-616. He worked with Hank McCoy, Moira McTaggart and Max Eisenhart (Magneto) on the origins of mutants, the sociology of mutants, and human society.

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