People are still buying MP3 players


It doesn't always have to be an iPod

No more going without an MP3 player: Regardless of whether it is an iPod or any other playback device, the main thing is that you always have your own music with you. However, the range is confusing, and Apple's flagship jukebox is not always the last word. We took a look around and revealed how to find the ideal player.


For hardcore fans there is currently hardly a way around Apple's iPod. With his market power he has swept most other MP3 players based on hard drives from the market - if you still want your entire music collection with you on the go, you have little choice but to go for the top dog. For everyone else, however, there are now a lot of other good flash-based devices that can easily keep up with comparable iPod models.

Occasional listener or music junkie?

So if you want to find the right player for you, you first have to find out what kind of music listener you are. If you only want to have the hard core of your collection or your current favorite music with you, you should opt for a Flash player. The flagship model is currently the iPod Touch, but the competitors are catching up powerfully. Each of the competitors has their own specialty in which they are already superior to the iPod. So the second question has to be: What features do I need that Apple can't offer me?

From nostalgics and audiophiles

One of the first features that catches the eye is the supported file formats. In addition to MP3, the iPod family is particularly compatible with formats from Apple - audio files in Windows Media format cannot be played. For people with a music collection in this format, there are either nightly conversion sessions or the purchase of a chic alternative like the Vibez from Trekstor. But also audiophiles looking for the last bit of music quality need an alternative for mobile music enjoyment. Uncompressed formats like FLAC are not supported by Apple - but they are supported by players like the Cowon iAudio 7.

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