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Second-hand goods: buy, swap, share

Second hand shops and flea markets

Why throw something away that someone else could still use? Why buy something new when I can get comparable quality on the used market and at significantly lower prices?

Who on Flea markets if you are looking for something unique, you can find current flea market dates at www.flohmarkt.at. Many flea markets are also or only announced on Facebook: The Let's get vintage page can also be viewed without being logged into Facebook and announces flea markets and design markets in Vienna and the surrounding area on a weekly or in a calendar.

Real Bargains, cool vintage furniture, etc.. can be found in Vienna at the 48er Tandler.

Checked Second-hand goods with warranty can also be obtained from the companies of the Vienna Repair Network: www.reparaturnetzwerk.at/secondhand

Flohmarkt.at also offers a list of second-hand shops in Austria.

Buy or sell used goods online

There are numerous websites on the Internet that quickly bring suppliers and those interested in used goods together:

shpock (app)

Some of these websites offer both used and new items.

Tips for buying used goods on the Internet:

  • Read the item description carefully and also pay attention to whether any product defects can be seen in the photos. If anything is unclear, ask the seller before buying. For commercial sellers, read the terms and conditions.
  • There is also a guarantee on used goods. In contrast to new goods, this can be shortened to 1 year if this is agreed in detail. Attention: Private sellers are entitled to exclude the guarantee!
  • If possible, also pay attention to the seller's ratings. What experiences did other buyers have with this provider?
  • Pay attention to which payment options are offered and which additional costs are incurred (e.g. for shipping)
  • In the case of valuable items, clarify who will be responsible for any transport damage. Do you offer insured shipping?
  • Only disclose sensitive data to websites that you fully trust and that are encrypted. You can recognize encrypted networks by the key symbol in the address line or by the fact that the address line begins with "https: //".

Tips for safe shopping, not only on the Internet, can be found on the pages of the Chamber of Labor on the subjects of "Purchasing & Law" and "Warning, trap!".

Swap, give, share

It doesn't always have to be money. The web also offers opportunities to swap and share:
Does everyone really need their own hedge trimmer, lawn mower and the like? On sites like www.teilbar.at, fragnebenan.com or www.frents.com you can get together in a swap group and use items together.
Anyone who is logged on to Facebook can join the groups "share and care", "share and care animal world" (in addition to items, "watch out" for vacations, etc.) or "Vienna exchanges".