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The tumble dryer smells? You can do that

Freshly washed, and the clothes still muffle? Sometimes the tumble dryer is to blame for this. If it stinks, there can be a variety of reasons. UPDATED shows you the most common causes - and how to fix them quickly.

Goodbye bad smells in the dryer - causes and solutions

The dryer smells like mold - there is water in the water tank

The smell of mold usually arises if the water tank has not been emptied for a long time. Then mold quickly forms in the dryerwhich in turn causes the bad smell. Empty the tank and let it dry well. The dryer usually indicates when the tank needs to be emptied. Nevertheless, you should not leave the water in it for too long. Empty it out at least once a week.

Burnt smell in the dryer - dust or broken cable

There are several possible causes here. The bad smell can come from a defective cable, but also from dust on the back of the dryer or a full fluff filter. First, clear the back of the dryer and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any accumulated dust. In any case, you should empty the fluff filter after each use. If this does not go away, check the power cord - if it is damaged, call a technician. Do not use your dryer again until the cable has been professionally repaired or replaced.

Clean the lint filter: The dry lint can easily be collected by hand.

Chemical smell in the tumble dryer - New device or dirty exhaust air hose

A strong chemical odor can occur especially with a newly purchased device. This usually disappears by itself after a few runs through the dryer. If, on the other hand, the smell occurs with older devices, a dirty exhaust air hose may be the cause. In this case, remove the hose, rinse it with hot water and then let it dry well before reattaching it.

You should clean these dryer parts regularly

  • Water tank: Empty the water. Depending on the humidity of the laundry, it may be necessary to empty it after each use. But even if the dryer does not indicate the change, you should empty the water weekly to prevent unpleasant odors
  • Lint filter: After each use, remove the lint that has collected here with your hand or a brush
  • Heat exchanger: With most devices, it can be pulled completely out of the machine. Then you can rinse it off with a hand shower. Then let it dry well. If it cannot be removed, just wipe it with a damp cloth. It is enough if you do this once or twice a year.
  • Exhaust hose: Rinse with warm water about every three months.
  • Back of the tumble dryer: Clean with a vacuum cleaner once a year.
  • Humidity sensors: Put vinegar on a cloth and rub the sensors to remove scale or residue from the fabric softener. Then let it dry well. Depending on how much lime there is in your tap water, cleaning should be done every two to six months.

The dryer smells like fish - old plastic

The laundry smells like fish? If so, the problem is likely caused by plastic parts that are in or around the tumble dryer. Old plastic in particular can give off unpleasant smells if it gets too hot and melts as a result. Therefore, check whether the dryer is plugged into an old socket or an old lamp socket is in the immediate vicinity of the device. This can also start to melt due to the heat generated by the dryer. If you have checked all sources of danger in the vicinity of the dryer without discovering the cause of the odor, you should call a technician.

The dryer smells like rotten eggs - moisture in the tumble dryer

The extremely unpleasant smell usually also has Moisture as the cause. To do this, wipe the inside of the dryer thoroughly with a damp cloth and a gentle cleaning agent such as washing-up liquid. Then let everything dry well, otherwise the problem will reappear immediately.

The dryer smells like urine - Very dirty laundry

Here the cause usually lies in the Laundry. To get rid of the odor, fill a dryer ball with vinegar or lemon water and put it in the wash. Then clean the inside of the dryer thoroughly with warm water, in which you put a few drops of detergent beforehand.

Smell of oil in the dryer - Very dirty laundry

Here too, laundry is usually the problem. In principle, do not give oily laundry in the dryer, as the oil residues first end up inside the appliance and then on the next wash. This also applies if you have already washed the things in the washing machine. If oil accidentally gets into the dryer, you should clean it thoroughly with a sponge and warm water and a few drops of washing-up liquid. The detergent dissolves the oil and the sponge soaks up the oil.

If, on the other hand, the smell occurs even though no oily laundry was in the dryer, this can be a problem Device defect indicate. If this is the case, have a technician come.

The clothes dryer smells like gasoline - gasoline on the laundry

The same applies here: Clothingthat smells strongly of gasoline shouldn't even end up in the dryer. Instead, let work clothes and the like dry on the clothesline. You can remove the petrol smell by cleaning the dryer thoroughly with water and a mild detergent.

Dryer balls: additional helpers

Fluffy laundry, fewer wrinkles and lower energy consumption when drying - that is what the little miracle balls promise. Various materials are available:

  • Wool: Gentle for washing, biodegradable, suitable for allergy sufferers and whisper-quiet when drying - dryer balls made of natural fibers offer many advantages.
  • Plastic: Heavier, louder and often provided with knobs that loosen up the laundry. The plastic alternative can handle heavy items of laundry such as down.
    Allergy sufferers, on the other hand, should be careful, as the heat generated in the dryer can detach chemicals from the plastic.
  • Ceramic: Stable and with a non-slip, porous surface. An additional plus: the hollow interior can be filled with water, which then evaporates in the dryer and provides an additional smoothing effect.
  • Tennis balls: Basically conceivable as a replacement. However, they are rarely colourfast and also very loud when drying.

You can find more tips on this topic in the UPDATED guide “Dryer balls: Save time and money with the little helpers”.

Other strange smells in the dryer

If you use an exhaust air dryer for your laundry, you should check where the sucked in air comes from. Because the exhaust air dryer leads moist air into the open air and draws in fresh air. If this is already contaminated with odors, these can later also be found in the dryer.

Reasons why the dryer smells

Sometimes the laundry comes out of the washing machine smelly, for example because it was not washed hot enough and bacteria have settled. Since the fabric softener covers unpleasant smells at first, nobody will usually notice it. So do not use the additive the next time you wash and then check your laundry. If you have been able to narrow down the cause of the odor to the washing machine, it is time to thoroughly clean the washing machine.

Dry clothes properly

You can avoid or dispel most odors with little effort if you heed the following tips:

  • Put damp laundry in the dryer immediately and then turn it on immediately. If the wet things lie around too long, they start to smell musty.
  • If your clothes are still stained after washing, help by hand and remove the stains. On the other hand, if you just put the dirty things in the dryer, the heat will anchor the stains in the fabric.
  • Also, be sure to clean and maintain your dryer regularly. Then you will literally have your fragrant laundry in dry towels in the future.

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