What is a mattress topper used for?

Molton mattress topper: the ideal care for your box spring bed

Mites, pollution, sweat and much more: There are many things that can reduce the longevity and bed hygiene of a topper and mattress. Even if you take into account all the care instructions for the box spring bed, it is inevitable that bed hygiene will suffer from everyday soiling (e.g. babies, moisture or evaporation during sleep). Fitted sheets can be washed, but they do not protect the mattress from heavy soiling. A practical and hygienic remedy is a waterproof molton pad that you can use as a mattress protector for your box spring bed.

Molton overlay for your mattress and topper

What is a molton mattress topper?

A molton pad is a kind of mattress protector and the ideal addition to your mattress and topper for clean and long-term bed hygiene. The mat is pulled over the mattress cover and the topper. The molton overlay should be made of 100% cotton in order to be able to guarantee the ability to cook and the associated absorbency.

What is a molton mattress topper used for and what are the advantages?

A molton pad is part of every standard equipment of a good hotel. Because this is exactly where we find the largest range of soiling of any kind. A mattress or a topper cannot even be washed. This is exactly where the ideal care addition to your mattress topper shows up. On the one hand, it protects against stains and dirt and, on the other hand, its absorbent and breathable properties help incontinents and babies, as it can absorb and absorb moisture. Another important advantage of the mattress topper is the effective mite protection, which is secured by the impenetrable molton topper. For this reason, the edition is also recommended for allergy sufferers.