How do you sell a flawed product

Beginner's Guide: Product Liability and Producer Liability

No or incomplete treatment of liability scenarios. No exclusion or no limitation regarding indirect damage, loss of production, lost profit and so on
No agreement on a quality, no explicit consideration of security aspects, for example in contracts with non-European suppliers.
Representation / description of products in non-intended types of use. Arouse excessive security expectations.
No systematic documentation of the incoming goods inspection or restriction only to dimensions, optics, ...
No limitation of the intended use. Missing or too narrowly worded safety instructions. No translation of operating instructions into foreign languages.
No systematic recording of safety-relevant deficiencies. No documentation of observation measures or processes. No documentation of recognized types of use (intended + misuse).
No assurance of the detection of changes in materials or types that require a new safety assessment (e.g. through contracts, audits, sample analyzes)
No mechanisms for recognizing security-relevant changes (production process, quality assurance, components used). No consistent documentation of safety-relevant tests / quality controls.
Use of outdated documents (e.g. risk assessment), standards, et cetera .; no systematic observation of changes in standards
No possibility of assigning components / products to specific batches or production periods
Lack of definition of the manufacturer's responsibilities, for example in the case of products made up of different components
No contractual stipulation in the supply chain who fulfills any obligations from ProdSG, CE guidelines, etc. (especially when purchasing from non-European suppliers or with complex products)
No / insufficient training of employees in liability-related areas; No sensitization of the other employees to the topic
No or contradicting definition of processes / interfaces for security or liability-related processes. No central actor / approval process