Have you ever managed to reinvent yourself

Women - and the new wave of masculinity

Do you notice that too? Whenever it is about departure, future, movement, the male face of a bearer of hope looks towards us: in politics in its clean-shaven, tailored suit-wrapped version - in the start-up world laden with hope in its only seemingly unleashed, Bobo-styled version with a neatly trimmed beard.

Here Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau and on the national stage Sebastian Kurz and, yes, why not, also a Christian Kern, even if he is actually almost too old for the trend.

Dear children

There the new sweethearts and hopefuls of the start-up scene with their strange examples of the Daniel Cronin, Ali Mahlodji or Vlad Gozman types, to name a few Austrian proponents.

Even with the Greens, Jung, Crunchy, Male has now won. A Julian Schmid probably has the same idea of ​​movement in his head as a Jesse Klaver in the Netherlands.

What they all have in common is the courageous conquering mentality, which has been a preferred character trait for men since the dawn of mankind and which alone is able to elevate them to the alpha rank. With the typically male "I can do it" mentality, they defy previous limits, and everyone cheers for them, yes, sometimes you have the feeling of hearing a slightly orgasmic sigh, especially from the female followers.

Cool and easy

The majority are actually young, the other pretends to be young so as not to lose touch altogether. The cooler, the looser, the more casual the better. The (slim) fitter, the more expressive, the shitty, the more successful. This new disrespect does not arise on the basis of ignorance and ignorance, but on the contrary is the expression of a new aloofness, which gives itself the appearance of being close to the ground.

And even pushing prams is now cool. Papamonat is an expression of man's new freedom. He wears his small copy casually on his strong, preferably tattooed arm, with his smartphone on his ear in the other hand. At home, of course, he cooks and also carries out the crap - because now it's him who can do everything. And when the modern dad delivers the children to kindergarten, the supervisors, which are still mostly female (the salary is still too low), stand at the reception and have an excellent topic of conversation for the rest of the day.

Really trendy

The interesting thing is not that the men have once again managed to be fully in line with the times, to reinvent themselves and to conquer new territory, but that the women have never managed to reinvent themselves, and at all - not to mention appropriately - to be admired.

Or who knows her, the cool model woman - entrepreneur or politician - who is also a casual mother and rocks her household with her left hand? Who one whispers in admiration when she delivers the kids to kindergarten and steps through the office door as the boss? Isn't there always this career-hungry doggedness that takes away any casualness that makes her unfeminine, and if she is already erotic, well then she has surely taken the horizontal elevator? Have you ever cheered women on because they once conquered male domains?

Extension of boundaries

I can not remember. Women have fought hard for every step of expanding their personal boundaries, and there has never been any admiration for it - neither women nor men.

Oh? You reply that there are also women among the start-ups? Yes, of course - as long as they can be young, cool and free, so to speak, the childless, penisless, busty version of masculinity, then they can play along.

And besides, you counter, the new men in power are all women advocates? Well, at least that. Without her, women would really get nowhere.

The question arises - and I admit it is provocative: is the woman really just an appendage of the man? Or where is she, the female version of the future, new beginnings and movement?

Where are they, the female hopefuls? (Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey, July 14, 2017)

Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey is a trainer, author and coach, has been working on charisma since 1996.