How can I be active and productive

How to be productive and enjoy your vacation at the same time

Beach and productivity are not in conflict. Today we want to show you how to be productive while enjoying your vacation.

1. Bye bye stress

A key feature of vacation is that you say goodbye to the routine. To forget the stress is a basic requirement to be able to recover. The first rule is: enjoy. Use your time to organize and carry out enjoyable activities. It is finally time for your hobbies and fun without having to worry about other things. This allows body and mind to recover, which they really deserve after a long period of work.

2. Switch off

The second rule is simple: Turn off your computer and cell phone. Turn off all devices and forget about social networks. There are a few things that are difficult to ignore (e.g. photos or status updates). However, in order to really make the most of the vacation time, it is important to only be online for a limited time.

On the other hand, the fact that you can work remotely doesn't mean we have to. On the contrary, not only are we not advancing our work, but we are also reducing our productivity in the medium term. Reduce your virtual time, you will feel the benefits.

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3. Plan your absence

We're going on vacation and our team needs to be informed, especially if we're running a business or for a department. There are people who depend on our work, which is why we must at least inform them of our availability. It also calms us down and we can recover better.

Write a message "Out of office“To let whoever is texting you know that you are unavailable and offer them an alternate schedule to adhere to. This simple gesture will ease your worries and reduce your return workload as someone has taken on certain tasks that would otherwise have piled up.

4. Program your vacation in advance

Don't panic: this time we don't want to talk about meetings and the importance of calling them on time. But on the contrary. One trick to being productive on vacation is to think about it and Have fun with the preparations.

Find out, for example, about the leisure activities at your holiday destination and don't forget to make the necessary reservations for visits and events. Check that everything is ready for the trip and your stay so that you can enjoy your vacation even more and avoid problems that may arise at the last moment.

5. Identify your energy spikes

How optimizing productivity in summer is no longer a pipe dream. First of all, identify yours Energy peaks. In summer they are not the same as in your everyday office life. When we're working, we're usually more productive in the mornings.

That may have changed on vacation: Pay attention to the times of day when you can best use your time to do something you have set out to do (e.g. learning a language, planning a route, organizing an excursion, etc.) ).

6. Get to know your team

The vacation can be the perfect excuse to get to know the employees better. When you're leading a team, take the opportunity to meet according to the plans for the summer vacationTo inquire about interests, hobbies, etc. of the members of your team. These discussions strengthen your leadership and create a team spirit for the benefit of your organization.

7. Take a rest

You should also plan a certain amount of time to "laze around", as this is also for the recreation is necessary to be more productive in the long run. During the summer we are not completely stress-free (we struggle with different sources of stress, different times of the day, we are with other people, which can lead to different tension) Relax to recharge your batteries, enjoy your vacation and make your return to work positive.

8. Stick to your times

We change our habits on vacation, that's normal. However, it is important that you do not change your daily rhythm too much and that Meal times and above all keep to bedtime. Set a limit so as not to “go too far”. You will feel the beneficial effects of not driving the body crazy. And you will find it less difficult to get used to getting up early again.

9. Think

Take the time to think briefly about your goals. This will help you organize your thoughts and make better use of the rest. Leaders are encouraged to share their long-term goals to reconsider from time to time, and why not take advantage of the summer and the relaxed surroundings?

10. Exercise

Yes, that's right, summer is for recreation. However, a little exercise routine helps our body to get going, which has a long-term beneficial effect on our recovery. Also, if you set out to make this a habit for the rest of the year, so much the better.

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And you? What do you do and continue to be productive?