Do the CFA exams take place in India?

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CFA Institute CFA Program

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) program provides the strongest foundation for advanced skills in investment, analysis and real-world portfolio management. The CFA charter is the gold standard for the investment industry and is held by over 167,000 professionals in 165 countries. Learn more about registering for the CFA program.

Schedule your exam date

Before you can schedule an exam, you must currently be enrolled in the CFA program.

You can schedule or postpone your exam date online or by phone:

  • USA: 1-800-310-6402
  • EMEA: 31320239581
  • APAC: 60327817760

Test times and locations are based on availability.

After you've set your appointment, Prometric will send you a confirmation email. You can postpone your exam for a fee of $ 250.

If you have general questions about the exam date, you can call or email Prometric.

Exam software tutorial

Use this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the software features of the CFA® exam before your scheduled exam date.

Test accommodations

For information on how to apply for exam accommodations, visit the CFA Institute's Test Housing page.

CFA testing guidelines

Be sure to read all of the CFA program testing guidelines posted on the CFA institute website.