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The business network is screwing up its surface in 2014 as well. Much is published as part of silent relaunches, i.e. without much support from official communication. Something like this is already from various introductions, for example with the multilingual company profiles. In that case, I noticed by chance that it was now possible. Now the contact area has been further adjusted. This was completely renewed in the summer of last year, now it is adapted to the current look. How does it look like? One look at it.

This is what it looks like

First of all: The new layout is not yet available to everyone, and not even in German. This leads to confusion here and there (I was amazed at the English-language mails that I received with updates). Unfortunately, I do not have an exact schedule of when the innovations will be fully rolled out. But first the sight:

The pictures above, which look like tiles (or, in New German, like "apps") are primarily new. Here, depending on the reason for the conversation, you can post directly in the subject's timeline, or optionally send a more subtle LinkedIn message.

About the explanations that I embedded in the graphic:

  1. As small symbols you can invite new contacts (little man with the plus), or get to the settings
  2. On the tiled profile pictures you can "congratulate" contacts directly according to the occasion (although I would not see a three-year company anniversary as an occasion, for example).
  3. From here it looks familiar. However, the default setting for the contact view is based on the last contact you had. You can also change this back to alphabetical order.
  4. Under "More" you can find the settings to hide or even delete a contact (which is not necessarily easy to find)
  5. The search criteria (such as geo-targeting) or the personally assigned tags can be found under “All Contacts”
  6. The well-known (free text) search field is located under Search

The settings have not changed significantly (I have only shown them in small format, otherwise there would have to be more scrolling here. Enlargement is deposited).

Here you can find the various options for synchronizing or importing your contacts.

Very important, here you can also set your time zone in which you are. Here you would have searched intuitively ...

As already described above under 5., behind the "All contacts" is the control center for filtering its contacts. Here you can find the options for filtering. In addition, LinkedIn offers the option of merging duplicates. This is particularly interesting for Germans who have used the old address book: Especially with umlauts and sharp ß (like me), the old address book entry may not be matched with a later registration of the member if he uses a different email address Has.


With the revised design, LinkedIn continues to focus on the communication needs. Whether it always has to be (Do I want to and should I congratulate the company on the company's three-year anniversary?).

However, the fact that the "boredom" in business networks as well as by the influencers is addressed through event-related information makes perfect sense: If you want to reactivate an old contact, this can be quite useful ("How, you've been with [Company X] again for three years?„)

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