How do you shave your pubic hair

Intimate shaving man: the complete guide


Intimate shaving for men: does it have to be?

According to studies, about 50 percent of men do intimate shaving. There are several reasons for an intimate shave: some do it in preparation for sex, others don't want their pubic hair to peek out or stick out, and some trim their genital area for visual reasons. There are no advantages or disadvantages here, it is all about personal preference. For both men and women, the following applies when shaving: You should only shave if you find it nice yourself.Would you like to try an intimate shave? In this article, we'll explain how to properly shave your penis and other areas of your private parts. 


The most popular intimate hairstyles for men

Even the intimate shave for men can be very varied and mostly depends on your preferences and the effort. You can shave specific areas of the penis or all of your private parts. We'll tell you which Intimate hairstyles in men the most popular are:

  • Trim: Trim all pubic hair to length with an electronic razor.
  • Lion's mane: Remove all of the hair from your testicles and penis, but leave everything on top. Many claim that this would make the penis look longer.
  • The pilot: This intimate hairstyle is similar to the "bikini style" for women. Shave any pubic hair that might be sticking out anywhere, leaving only a small strip / square above the penis and testicles.
  • The fighter: This is probably the most relaxed intimate shave. Here only the penis is freed from hair, the remaining pubic hair remains.
  • The minimalist: Shave everything, except for the sensitive areas of your genital area - testicles and penis.

Intimate shaving: this is how wet shaving works

In the Wet shave will the Pubic hair cut off the surface with a blade. This is done completely painlessly, as the razor runs over the previously moistened skin, e.g. when showering.

What you need for a wet shave:

  • Wet razor
  • Replacement blades
  • Shaving foam or shaving gel
  • Care balm

Wet shave: the preparation!

  • Especially the first time you need a lot of time and rest. So think about when you can block the bathroom longer.
  • The afternoon and evening are best for a shave. Because the morning is yours skin still slightly swollen what shaving the Pubic hair difficult.
  • Make sure you use a fresh blade that you change at least every four weeks to reduce the risk of skin irritation and injury.
  • Gently trim the pubic hair with a before shaving small scissors.
  • Take a bath or shower beforehand. The warm water opens the pores, softens the hair and makes your skin smoother.
  • Then lather the area to be shaved well. Shaving foam or shaving gel allow the razor blade to glide particularly well over the skin. The best thing to do is to find out for yourself whether you prefer to use foam or gel.

Wet shave: the right technique!

  • Carefully stroke the razor over your skin without pressure, always in the direction of growth (usually downwards). Do not run the razor over areas that have already been shaved, however.
  • Avoid hectic movements and rinse the blade after every other stroke, there always a few Hairs stick to the cut surface and clog it.
  • Make sure that the areas to be shaved are always well lathered and moist. Otherwise the blade does not slide properly.
  • In sensitive areas like that penis and the Scrotumyou need to be particularly careful. It's best to pull the skin taut with one hand while shaving with the other hand.
  • Don't overdo yourself with too much at the beginning! Just shave the edges of yours first Pubic hair. This way you can test how your skin reacts and whether you are satisfied with the result.

After the wet shave: care for your pubic area!

  • Thoroughly rinse your pubic area with clear, cool water water and then gently pat the skin dry with a towel.
  • At the Shave a wafer-thin layer of the epidermis is removed, which allows the depilated area to dry out quickly.
  • So cream yourself well, e.g. with a care balm or a moisturizing lotion. Make sure that the product is fragrance-free and also suitable for sensitive skin.

Intimate shave: This is how the dry shave works

In the Dry shave with a electric razor the pubic hair can be removed painlessly. As the razor moves over the skin, the blades move sideways, gently removing the hairs above the root. This method is particularly gentle for boys with sensitive skin. Tip: It is best to use a cordless razor specially designed for women for dry shaving. Because the shape of the razor's handle, shaving head and long hair trimmer is more suitable for shaving intimate areas than razors for men. Alternatively, you can use the razor that you use on your beard. It is important that the shaving head and the shaving foil are not old, otherwise the shave will not be close and it will irritate your skin more easily! Important: No matter what type of electric shaver you use: It should definitely be equipped with a long hair trimmer, as you cannot shave long hair with the shaving head alone.


Dry shave: the preparation!

  • Bath or shower before Dry shave Not! That would make your hair way too soft for shaving, what a thorough intimate shave does not make possible.
  • Make sure there is enough light and a large mirror in front of which you can shave. Only then can you see what you are doing!
  • Before you start shaving, trim the hair with hair scissors or electric hair and beard trimmers.
  • Plan enough time for the intimate shave! Be patient and take it slow, it is quite normal that it takes a little longer at the beginning to discover the right technique for yourself.

Dry shave: the right technique!

  • It's best to shave in the evening the first time so that you can put on comfortable clothes afterwards. Because after the shave is yours Sensitive skin And it's more comfortable for you if you don't have to go out the door in tight jeans.
  • Don't shave straight away! Press the razor lightly against the skin and first move it in a circular motion in the direction of the Hair growth. This will make your skin less irritated!
  • Watch out Scrotum and penis on! Straighten your skin with one hand while guiding the razor with the other. This is particularly important on the scrotum, as the skin there is very wrinkled.
  • Be careful with the long hair trimmer: If you do not straighten the skin while shaving, small injuries can occur. Otherwise you can deal with a Dry razor usually not cut.

Dry shave: after the shave!

  • Soothe your skin! Use a lotion or cream after shaving to soothe the skin. Avoid using agents that contain perfume or other additives and can irritate the skin.
  • Put on comfortable clothes that won't chafe! On the days after the intimate shave, make sure to wear jeans and boxer shorts that are as wide as possible.
  • If it's just itching and burning: Not every skin gets used to regular intimate shaving. If you still feel good after a few weeks despite good Post-shave care again and again Skin inflammation or Pimples form, do without a complete one Close shave. Alternatively, you can trim your hair with hair scissors or an electric hair and beard trimmer trim.

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