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Facebook: Photo comments for Facebook pages

After Facebook rolled out photo comments on private profiles and in groups a few weeks ago, the roll-out for Facebook pages has now begun. Facebook users as well as page administrators can reply to posts on Facebook pages not only with text, but now also with photos. The new function should make discussions much more expressive and encourage more engagement.

Photo comments on Facebook pages


FAQ about photo comments on Facebook pages

Who can post photo comments on my page?

Every Facebook user who can access the page also has the option of using photos in comments.

How can I remove the photo comment feature from my page?

It is possible to remove the photo comment function.

1. Click on “Edit page” -> Edit settings

2. In the post options, click on edit and deactivate “Everyone can add photos and videos to my page history”

3. Then click on “Save changes”

Disable photo comments

Are photo comments visible on the mobile version?

Yes, photo comments are visible on the desktop and on the mobile version.

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