Why do companies need internal legal counsel

The Internet with all its forms offers us users many positive facilities and opportunities. Nevertheless, it also harbors a lot of dangers, because even seemingly free networks have to be financed. The sense and purpose of data protection is therefore to protect individuals from having their personal rights impaired by handling their personal data.

Many employees, be it in the public service or in the private sector, are now provided with access to the Internet as a work tool by their employer. However, the employer has to observe some data protection requirements when it comes to the handling of employees' personal data. However, these depend on whether and, if so, to what extent the employee is permitted to use the work e-mail account and / or the Internet for private purposes as well as business.

The data protection scandals in recent years (e.g. Telekom AG, Deutsche Bahn, Lidl, Deutsche Post, Postbank), in which employees and managers were spied on and monitored in various ways, have prompted politicians to take up the issue of employee data protection again. This resulted in the new ยง 32 BDSG, which for the first time represented an independent regulation on employee data protection.

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