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Our tips and tricks for The Crew 2!

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The Crew 2 is finally here. With our tips and tricks for beginners, we will prepare you for races on the road, on water and in the air!
Welcome to the Motornation! Ubisoft's open world racing game The Crew 2 is finally here and offers adrenaline junkies tons of content to make your time on the virtual streets of the USA the summer of your life. But this time you can not only get behind the wheel of sophisticated racing cars, you can even fight for the top spot in a plane or boat. With our tips and tricks for beginners, we'll get you ready to dominate The Crew 2!

The Crew 2: Tips and Tricks

Before we get down to business, here are a few quick tips to help you get the most out of The Crew 2:
  • Be sure to connect your Ubisoft account to the game to enjoy additional vehicles and rewards
  • Don't buy new cars at the beginning, as the game will reward you with new vehicles when you unlock disciplines
  • You can also reach new events through the menu instead of driving to the starting point
  • Complete the LIVE Xtrem Events as soon as you've unlocked them - it's worth it
  • Wall-riding is incredibly effective in The Crew 2, so make use of it
  • The rubber band effect is very pronounced in the game, so don't worry: you don't have to come first for the entire race, focus on the last lap and have your nitro ready
  • Keep driving after completing an event. The loot appears right in front of you, if you take the fast travel too quickly, you will miss your rewards
  • Keep an eye out for events as you travel across the United States. These are completed quickly in passing and give you new followers and bucks

Make use of the photo mode!

A photo mode is commonplace in games in 2018, and of course it shouldn't be missing in The Crew 2 either. In doing so, however, he has a lot more to offer than just taking care of simple snapshots. While you are traveling in the USA, you will regularly come across new photo challenges: These can be completed quickly and extremely lucrative, which is why you should not miss them.
There are two ways to discover these photo challenges: by finding them in the open world or by selecting them from the menu. If you choose the path through the menu, you can also pin the challenge and thus easily navigate to the location of the action.
The tasks range from simply taking pictures of an animal to complex tasks that are nevertheless completed within a few minutes. The effort is worth it: In the end, additional followers and 15,000 bucks beckon!
Tip: If your photo was not counted, just zoom in and out of the picture and take a new snapshot, then it should work.
Before you venture into the intricacies, the first thing to do is to understand The Crew 2's progression system. There are a total of five levels that reward you with new activities. In addition, new vehicles beckon as soon as you unlock a discipline.
There are five status levels in The Crew 2:
    If you have reached the CULT status, but it is far from over: Then you can continue to rise in the level until you have reached CULT rank 9,999. Every 10 levels you get additional loot, every 100 levels even a new vehicle beckons. So the work is worth it.
    You will also receive a total of 1,000 experience points, which you should invest in the three talent trees as quickly as possible. The bonuses start small, but the more experience points you invest, the better your rewards will be!

    This is how you get more followers!

    In order to rise in the level, you have to collect new followers in The Crew 2. There are various ways of doing this. Which one you choose depends entirely on your preferences. Here are a few quick tips and tricks for beginners on how to quickly generate new followers:
    • Participate in quick events (called "skills") while you're on the go. These can be completed in a matter of seconds
    • Complete the Photo Challenges from above! These will quickly bring you new followers
    • Set records for your friends in the open world
    • Look for jumps in the world that will give you additional followers
    • Don't resort to fast travel! You do not collect any points in the loading screen
    • Airplane stunts are the best way to get followers quickly
    • In planes you can combine up to five actions with each other, which gives you 100 followers as a bonus (for example, flying past objects at low altitude or close to them)
    • Repeat events that you are sure you can win just as often as you want
    • The new LIVE Xtrem events give you a particularly large number of followers, as they combine several disciplines
    The in-game currency in The Crew 2 is called Bucks. You need this, for example, to buy new vehicles. Like the followers, the game rewards you for all activities with coins.
    At least at the start of the game it is not possible to sell purchased vehicles again and it is unclear whether this will ever be possible. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should carefully consider whether the investment in the hard-earned bucks is really worthwhile. Take the opportunity to take a test drive before buying and find out whether you really like the vehicle in question.
    Buyers of The Crew 2 Season Pass also receive a 20 percent discount on everything in the store, which saves you a lot of money. But in order to collect as many bucks as possible, here are a few quick tips:
    In the activities menu you have access to all races, challenges and photo challenges that you can repeat at any time. As already mentioned, the photos are an excellent way to get money quickly, as they provide you with 15,000 credits in a short time.
    Two races are particularly good for making money. These are no problem even for beginners and can be repeated as often as you like: The Las Vegas Strip Race and the Hoover Dam Race for boats.

    Dare to try hard mode

    If you have completed an event, you have the option of starting again. But this time, with the hard mode, there is an additional challenge on the program, if you decide for it (be it through a more aggressive AI or through a tighter countdown).
    Of course, The Crew 2 also rewards you for the extra challenge with additional rewards. While the racer is usually not too difficult in normal mode, the events in hard mode can be pretty tough. Before taking on the challenge, make sure that your vehicle has all the important upgrades.

    Relies on long bursts of nitro

    All vehicles in The Crew 2 come with a nitro boost, which you can empty completely or give off in short bursts. However, it makes sense to wait until your tank has filled up again and only then press the nitro button as far as it will go, instead of repeatedly giving off short bursts.
    Since it takes a bit until your vehicle has reached the maximum speed when boosting, this is the only way to get the maximum potential. So the wait is worth it: It is best to use the Nitro on a long straight where no obstacles or sharp bends ruin your advantage.

    Join a crew!

    The Crew 2 is a co-op racing game through and through. As the name suggests, the crews are an important part of the game: You can team up with up to three other players and compete in races as a team. Playing as a team is a great way to maximize your rewards.
    If one of your crew members wins a race or a challenge, everyone benefits! Even if you end up in last place yourself. A real win-win situation. Please note, however, that the new LIVE Xtrem events are not available in co-op mode.

    The boats can be tricky

    The Crew 2 offers two brand new vehicle classes with airplanes and boats. The races on the water, in particular, are sometimes quite tricky. This is mainly due to the waves, which can ruin your race in a few seconds.
    In order to dominate the boat races it is important to choose a route with the lowest possible wave break. Keep your distance from other boats and try to maneuver as little as possible on the water. The waves not only reduce your speed but can even throw you off course, which costs valuable seconds.
    When overtaking, sit directly in front of your opponents to throw them off course, which gives you a decisive advantage. You can also increase your speed by pushing the left stick backwards: This lifts the front of the boat, which benefits your top speed. However, it makes it harder to steer, so it's best to use this trick only on straights.

    Tips for the other disciplines