What is zoning in real estate

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Regarding the Shop space, depth and des Cutting the comparability of the shops with each other can be made through the so-called Zoning-Method in which the shop space is divided into different zones according to the depth. It is usual to graduate the depth of the shop in 7 m steps; in the Anglo-Saxon area: 20 feet.

The Zoning however, it is not practiced in department stores, department stores and supermarkets; a uniform rental rate is assumed here (â € œoverall rentâ €).

As the distance from the street front (walking location) increases, the value of the shop decreases because sales decrease. The rental value of a shop can be derived from this. Shops of different sizes and shapes can thus be compared. However, the prerequisite is that you have Graduation of rental prices according to the specified zones knows. According to the city index of Kemper result from the principle of halfing-back the following levels:

Fig. 18: Subdivision of a retail space into zones of different depths according to theZoning-Method