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Is a platonic friendship between a woman and a man possible?

If you believe classic Hollywood films and series like "A Wedding to Fall in Love", "Two in One Day" or "Friends", you might get the impression that longer relationships between straight men and women without sex and love don't really work. The classic film "Harry and Sally" also poses this question, which towards the end of the film can be answered with no - the friendship between the protagonists turns into a love affair. If you ignore Hollywood, the question is as old as it is unanswered and can actually only be answered individually.

Certain framework conditions and circumstances can clearly facilitate and enable such friendships - for example, are both people in a partnership, not sexually interested in the opposite sex or simply not attracted to each other. Expectations for friendships and relationships also play an important role.

Sibling character

Growing up together since childhood can be another factor that enables platonic relationships. If you have known each other very well for years, a friendship between a man and a woman can have a fraternal character. Common interests, experiences and the value a friendship has weigh more than a potential sexual attraction.

How did you get to know your platonic counterpart?

Was it more difficult to develop friendships like this than with people of the same sex? In your opinion, what circumstances enable platonic friendships between heterosexual men and women? How does it look in your circle of friends? Discuss in the forum! (mawa, 7.5.2019)

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