What is a muddler

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The bar pestle (muddler) is a tool with which you can press or crush fruits, herbs or other ingredients in a glass, e.g. to extract juice or essential oils.

The bar pestle is used, among other things, to prepare caipirinhas or mojitos and is made of wood, plastic or metal, depending on the model. A combination of metal and plastic is often found, with the head being made of plastic on these models to protect the glass. Only a few bar tappets are made entirely of stainless steel, but these are rarely used. Home users often prefer wooden plungers, but plastic models are increasingly used in professional work environments. The handle of the bar ram is as wide as possible, and in some variants it is ergonomically shaped. The better the handle adapts to the heel of the hand, the less fatigue can be worked with the plunger.

The surfaces of the wooden bar pestle are treated differently. Most of the tappets are left unfinished, while some are oiled or painted. Untreated wooden pestles tend to take on the aromas of the citrus fruits after a certain period of time. Plastic bar plungers are available in different strengths. Soft plastics can wear out, for example due to the friction between the sugar and the preparation of caipirinhas.

The corrugation on the head of the ram differs depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication. Star, waffle and wave shapes as well as bar pestles, which have a smooth head, are available on the market. Corrugations that are too sharp and deep can damage the peel of the citrus fruits, releasing bitter substances. If you muddle herbs, they are quickly torn apart by excessively sharp edges. Smooth surfaces squeeze more and release less bitter substances. The type of corrugation should be tailored to the ingredients and tastes.

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