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That's why you're hateful when you don't get enough sleep

Lack of sleep makes you angry
You've known for a long time that a lack of sleep and a bad mood are related. Now a study shows for the first time that the anger is caused by the lack of sleep and not the other way around.
Not only people in agency pictures should sleep longer. You too could be in a better mood if you get enough sleep.

You have to know that

  • Too little sleep makes you angry, finds a study by American psychologists.
  • Just two nights with four hours too little sleep are enough to spoil people's mood.
  • The study is the first to show that lack of sleep is the cause of the anger, not the other way around.

Are you in a bad mood? Maybe you should get some more sleep. Because from now on the connection between lack of sleep and bad mood is scientifically proven. While there have been previous studies that looked at sleep deprivation and mood, none showed that too little sleep causes the anger and not the other way around.

Now it becomes clear that we actually become more aggressive and angry when we sleep too little. Two nights in a row are enough to spoil our mood. That's what a team of psychologists from the American Iowa State University found out. In the experiment, they let half of 142 test persons sleep normally for two nights, the other half had to go to bed two hours late in the evening and get out of bed two hours early in the morning. Then the test subjects trotted to the laboratory individually for the test. There they had to evaluate images of various products such as chairs or tables, while the scientists played noise from loudspeakers in the background. The aim of the researchers was to find out who would get irritated or angry and how quickly during this concentration task. The result was unambiguous: in the survey, those who had not had enough sleep stated that they were irritable, aggressive or angry more often than those who had gotten enough sleep.

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