Juventus and Turin share a stadium

Allianz and Juventus Football Club sign naming agreement for Turin football stadium

The 355,000 m² stadium in Turin is famous for its Italian design and excellent quality standards. With its new name, it joins a global circle of prestigious Allianz sports venues, which include the Allianz Arena in Munich, the Allianz Stadium in Sydney, the Allianz Park in London, the Allianz Riviera in Nice, the Allianz Parque in São Paulo and belong to the Allianz Stadium in Vienna.

"We are very pleased that we can welcome Allianz as a very special partner: to give our home stadium a new name!", Explained Giorgio Ricci, Head of Global Partnerships and Corporate Revenues at Juventus. “The fact that Allianz, a global giant in the insurance industry, has found its way to us underlines the status of Juventus as an international top club. We have made sports history since the inauguration of our arena in 2011, and the stadium has played an important role in that as it is the place where we have celebrated the championship six times since then. We have the ambition to work with Allianz for the benefit of our fans, as well as with our other partners who have helped transform the stadium into a theater where the curtain rises at every game for a big show and a family-friendly one Event. "