Is it worth investing in Algorand

Staking and storage: the special features of Algorand (ALGO)

Cryptocurrencies are ubiquitous - more and more coins are springing up and trying to find their way into the mainstream. Likewise the even less known Algorand (ALGO): The open source project reserves the right to solve previous problems with other digital currencies. Before investing in Algorand (ALGO), you should use a few criteria to get a better idea of ​​what staking is - that is what the token is based on.

The 1 × 1 crypto: staking

Cryptocurrencies offer an absolute plus when it comes to transferring money. Thanks to the blockchain technology, no external payment provider is involved in transactions, but the money moves directly from one wallet to the other. The magic word is: decentralization. In contrast to a bank transfer or services like PayPal, no third party is involved. In addition, cryptocurrencies also enable direct and fast transactions across national borders.
With Bitcoin, coins are mined with the "proof of work", i.e. mining is carried out in which complex arithmetic tasks are solved and whoever solves them first receives a reward and can thus add new blocks to the blockchain. Algorand works with the "PPoS" (Pure Proof of Stake) - with coin staking, the user keeps his money in his wallet and is not dependent on mining, but is rewarded for keeping his digital money. The rewards for this are also known as “staking rewards”; these depend on various factors, such as the period and the amount of money held.
There are different ways of staking - however, software is not necessary (as is the case with mining). This also makes it possible for users without special know-how to invest in such crypto currencies, as they are not involved in complicated processes themselves. To participate, all you have to do is invest and hold the money so that the blockchain process can be supported. The more money you keep in your wallet, the more likely it is that you will participate in the process and receive rewards.
Of course, there is a wide range of cryptocurrencies that use staking. The currently most popular and high-yielding products include Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM) and Algorand (ALGO).
Possibilities of Staking
In addition to normal staking, there is also the staking pool and cold staking. In the staking pool, different coin owners put their cryptocurrencies together in a staking pool to increase their chances of being involved in the process many times over. Participation in an existing staking pool can be useful for beginners, as this usually does not require a very high minimum balance. However, owners are also happy to charge a fee for staking rewards for participating and benefiting.
Cold staking does not give you any rewards, but your own money is safely stored in a hardware wallet (here you will find an overview of the hardware wallets).

The digital wallet

The wallet is a digital wallet. The coins are stored there and you can use other functions, for example to transfer coins. In addition, the wallet can be made more secure through various processes and thus offer users a better opportunity to stake or transfer their own money without great risks.
Many wallets are now also available as apps. You can have your own coins displayed there, display the rewards for them, convert the value into US dollars and transfer coins to friends, acquaintances or other people. This can also be authenticated and approved by, for example, a Bluetooth integration, which can then create and save private keys offline.
Algorand enables up to 1,000 transactions per second with a latency of only 5 seconds. This makes the Algorand Wallet useful and, above all, reliable and secure. If you still prefer to use external wallets, you can also use TrustWallet, for example. Several cryptocurrencies can be managed and purchased at the same time.
How secure is the Algorand wallet?
Thanks to the pure proof of stake and the open source protocol, the digital wallet offers a high level of security. In addition, Algorand certainly has the potential to put down a lot on the ALGO course - even if the market is very volatile. The risk harbors the possibility of passively generating money through staking rewards.
Finding a forward-looking cryptocurrency is ultimately always a matter of luck. Demand determines the market and so users ultimately decide which digital currency they trust.
Nikita Monastyrskiy is a freelance writer and Algorand insider

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