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In the budget of our Welsh Assembly no additional funds were raised.
No additional money has been built into the budget of our Welsh Assembly.
In reality he is the firstborn son of one Welsh Coal miner named Glendower.
Actually, he's the first son of a Welsh coal miner named Glendower.
Do you have us Welsh already full?
Are you sick of us Welsh already?
They were Welsh, active in the vegetable trade, mother and daughter.
They were Welsh, in the vegetable trade, mother and daughter.
Tell him that Welsh.
You should try telling that to the Welshman.
The native Welsh is the head chef of Scotland's most prestigious restaurant.
The native Welshman is executive chef of the most renowned restaurant in Scotland.
He's marching against them Welsh, and our soldiers must be looked after.
He fights against the Welsh and the soldiers to eat.
We need this wrong one Welsh and find his group.
We have to find this phony Welshman and his group.
The Welsh is hardly used any more and his situation is likely to be very unsatisfactory for him.
The Welshman hardly comes on and his situation might be very dissatisfactory for him.
The Welsh Heretic, Pelagius, believed sin was a result of misdirected free will.
The Welsh heretic, Pelagius, believed sin what a result of misdirected free will.
Although the band formed in Cardiff, none of the band members are Welsh.
Though the band formed in Wales, none of the members are Welsh.
He was a Welsh and came from New Jersey.
Hey what a Welshman and came from New Jersey.
No i am a Welsh.
Small fishing ports and the Welsh You will surely like charm.
Small fishing ports and the Welsh charm will surely love.
I love Scots, Irish and them Welsh.
I love jocks, paddies and the Welsh.
He's also Welsh, from Wrexham.
So hey Welsh, from Wrexham.
Geraint Thomas, the tireless Welsh, which is also comfortable on bumpy ground.
Geraint Thomas, the untiring Welshman, who also enjoys riding on rough surfaces.
There is only such a thing as a British citizen if you are Irish from Northern Ireland, Scots, Welsh or is English.
There is no such thing as a British citizen if you are not Irish from Northern Ireland, Scottish, Welsh or English.
The other day I got from one Welsh Duped family allegedly possessed by demons.
Last year, I was conned by a Welsh family pretending to be possessed by demons.
He answered: "Welsh Cheese toast. "
He said, "Welsh rarebit. "
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