We make or use opportunities

Speed ​​dial program: this is how we want to seize Europe's opportunities!

We want to make Europe better. People should experience again in their everyday lives why Europe is their future. To do this, we need the courage to reform and provide new impetus. We have to do a lot of things differently and better. So that we can get new enthusiasm for Europe.

What we want to achieve:

1. Strengthen the euro:

Sanction over-indebtedness: If Member States accumulate too much debt, they should be responsible for it. We demand a fixed set of rules with clear consequences. In the event of an excessive deficit procedure, sanctions will automatically apply in future.

Helping people help themselves: We want a European Monetary Fund with clearly defined tasks. It is intended to help states in a specific emergency situation get back on their feet with a strict adjustment program based on the principle of “helping people to help themselves”.

Future fund for private investments: With a joint European fund, we want to increase private investments and thus reduce inequalities within the euro zone. This is how we secure the economic future of Europe.

2. Make Europe better:

Strengthening the EU Parliament: The EU Parliament is to be strengthened in order to be able to initiate legislative projects independently. The traveling circus between Brussels and Strasbourg is also unnecessary.

Lean the EU Commission: We want to reduce the current number of 28 commissioners to a maximum of 18. This enables clear responsibilities with European added value and guarantees faster action.

Reform voting in the Council: Too often the Council has to decide unanimously. With more frequent majority decisions, we are making the EU strong again and reducing blockades from individual member states.

3. Free movement of education:

Free movement of education as a new fundamental freedom: Europe should not be a question of money. We want to enable schoolchildren, regardless of their financial circumstances, to stay for at least six months in a European country of their choice.

Promote multilingualism in daycare centers and schools: Our children should understand their neighbors. In addition to English, the languages ​​of neighboring countries are also to be taught. For more professional opportunities after school.

European vocational training: Europe doesn't stop at the school system. Training should be possible in any European country of your choice.

4. Opportunities through innovation:

A digital single market: We want to make the EU internal market fit for the digital age. With common European standards we can create better conditions for consumers as well as more growth and jobs.

Freedom for innovation and creativity: Entrepreneurs, founders and start-ups shouldn't get lost in a bureaucratic jungle. With digital freedom zones, we want to create cross-border experimental spaces and open up new open spaces.

Leap innovations from Europe: We want a European agency for leap innovations. Its aim is to promote radical and disruptive innovations by coordinating and improving the framework conditions for innovation.

5. A common voice:

A real "EU Foreign Ministry": We want to strengthen the role of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. In this way she can act as a real "EU Foreign Minister" in the future and effectively represent Europe in the world.

Common asylum, refugee and immigration policy: Europe needs common and binding rules in order to better organize and control migration. Because 2015 cannot repeat itself. A transparent points system also makes the EU more attractive to bright minds from all over the world.

European security: Europe needs a European army under a common command and control of Parliament.