Why are hijabs so colorful

A book as colorful as life ...

I have exaggerated here. Please do not take what is in verses 15 and 16 too seriously. In particular, I find the compulsion to wear a hijab wrong. When that was the subject of the poetry contest, I just escalated a little. I also know that rape and fashion nonsense as well as body shaming are serious problems.

The head is wrapped in the cloth

neatly covered,

it no longer matters

what's hidden underneath.

The beautiful are no better

a hijab makes you righteous,

one could get used to

we are of the same sex.

How can one fail to recognize

that nature creates free?

Love, it may burn

in marriage like fornication.

Listen to your conscience

then you don't need hijab.

Who carried away by you

maybe your light is even.

People should be alike

every socialist knows

the hijabs are more than enough,

that everyone is equal.

But liberals know

man is like an egg:

who looks for the second time

never sees two at equals.

When the figures are visible

can to our happiness

Dynamics develop,

delight a little bit.

And even if you are a prude

then show identity -

we are all tired already
of sheer unity.

A hijab would be for everyone

maybe still legitimate,

but in the earth trap

is he only her, not him.

Sexism on the vein throne,

Moloch of the world of the self.

A static world is men's wages,

the women bend down.

5. 8. 2019