Why is finance a good major

Finance & Taxes

An overview of the degree in finance and taxes

Finance and tax courses deal with financial and tax law issues in companies. They combine the content of business administration with that of the financial sector - such as accounting and tax law. For example, you can take up a degree in taxation, insurance or accounting. Your later job description usually consists of preparing financial reports and forecasts for companies and calculating tax burdens.

Am I suitable for studying finance and taxes?

You should study finance and taxes if you are interested in mathematics and economics and are good at numbers. A prerequisite is that you are sure of your choice of profession, as the job description is quite fixed after you graduate.

What are the job prospects after graduation?

The degree in finance and taxes qualifies you for a job in finance. The most popular employers are banks, insurance companies, and financial and tax advisors. Alternatively, you can work in corporate finance departments. With a good degree, your career prospects are positive. A tax advisor who has passed the tax advisor examination earns an average of between € 3,700 ¹ and € 4,500 ¹ gross per month in the first few years of his career.

Why should I study finance and taxes?